Thyme Essential Oil 20ml

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Thyme Oil: 

  • When vaporized it has shown to be effective in clearing the sinuses 
  • Has a cleansing, clarifying scent 
  • Can be added to cleaning products 
  • 100% pure and natural

What is Thyme Oil?  

You’ve probably grown thyme at some point in your garden or herb pot, it’s commonly used as a herb in cooking. A member of the mint family, it is highly aromatic and a very hardy plant. Thyme oil is extracted from the leaves. 

It vaporises wonderfully to release clarifying vapours, which is why aromatherapists choose to use it as it has been known to help clear stuffy noses and coughs. Its cleansing scent is also a favoured choice for creating a pleasant aroma in the home. Some say that up until the First World War, thyme oil was used as a natural disinfectant in hospitals, so you could try adding it to your homemade cleaning products. 

Suggested uses 

  • Vaporise with a vaporise or oil burner for a cleansing and energising scent 
  • Try steaming in a bowl of hot water to relieve cough and cold symptoms 
  • Blend with your favourite carrier oil to use as a massage oil 
  • Essential oil quality for use as an aromatherapy oil 
  • Take advantage of its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities by adding to your homemade cleaning products  


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