Cold-Pressed Herbal Sweet Almond Oil 50ml

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Almond Oil Benefits: 

  • Rich in vitamins a, b1, b6, e as well as zinc, fatty acids and proteins 
  • Promotes healthy hair and skin 
  • Subtle and sweet almond scent 
  • 100% pure and natural 

What is Almond Oil? 

The almond tree was indigenous to the parts of Asia and the Middle East but are now found elsewhere across the world. Sweet almond oil is cold pressed from the edible almond nut, which have a natural sweet taste. 

Great for promoting healthy hair and skin 

This nutritious oil has a light texture, making it ideal for using on fine hair. It’s packed with vitamins A, B1, B6, E, as well as fatty acids, zinc and proteins (remember we love to eat sweet almonds thanks to their source of protein). 

Vitamin A maintains healthy cell membranes, which helps create healthy hair follicles for healthy hair growth and is a celebrated topical nutrient to fight acne. Vitamin B6 increases blood flow and circulation for the skin and scalp – meaning healthy hair follicles and helping create a glowing appearance to your skin. Vitamin E is added to many anti-aging products, thanks to it being rich in antioxidants which help reduce inflammation and repair damaged skin cells. 

It is also high in omega-6 (linoleic acid) which has further anti-inflammatory properties which can help fight blemishes or irritated skin, as well as being thought to control water loss in hair and retain moisture. 

Suggested uses 

For Hair: 
  • Apply a small amount to your roots, leave for an hour, then wash off with a mild and natural shampoo 
  • Use as a hot oil treatment on your scalp and smooth through the ends of your hair, wrap your hair in a towel, leave overnight then wash and style as normal the next morning. 
  • Try using as a styling product, instead of hair gel or spray. 
For Skin: 
  • A popular carrier and massage oil, and its subtle scent makes it receptive to other more strongly scented oils 
  • Try making a homemade facial scrub with almond oil and coconut sugar. 
  • Add to your existing beauty products, use as a natural makeup remover or apply directly to your face as facial oil  


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