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Personal Trainer Supplement Bundle

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PT Bundle - £19.99 (Worth £154.99) 

Struggling to find good supplements for your clients?

Have you been looking for the supplements to advise to clients but not sure which are the best are and what price they should be?

There's a lot of options on the market and not every company has what you might suggest your clients take, or can afford.

Want to help your clients see results?

Clients will want to see their training sessions return something; numbers on the scales, muscle gain, waist size and more.

Being able to quantify results can be difficult as we know everyone takes to fitness differently.

Introducing the Primal Personal Trainer Bundle

These reasons and more are why we've created the PT bundle for personal trainers to use themselves or give to clients.

Not only will you be able to impress clients with your supplement knowledge but our bundle has been put together based on what our experts believe are best suited for a range of fitness workouts while training.

Here's a breakdown of what's in the bundle:

Creatine HIIT - x1

  • 500mg Creatine Ethylester
  • Potent formula mobilises fat to permeate the muscle cell wall as opposed to water.
  • Great for trainer and client alike – Increase energy supplies with greater creatine storage in the muscles for PT’s always on the go. Cycle appropriately for marginal strength gains and improved recovery time. Optimise power output for cardiovascular and muscular endurance during High intensity Interval Training.

Born To Be Slim (Coffee & Raspberry) - x1

  • 1000mg Raspberry Fruit & 1000mg Green Coffee Bean extracts
  • Powerful antioxidant components, ideal for strengthening the body’s immune system; enabling you to train longer and more frequently.
  • An effective natural fat loss formula derived from nature.

Born To Be Slim (Green Tea Formula) - x3

  • 3000mg Green Tea Extract & 100mg Caffeine
  • Effective at speeding up metabolism and supressing hunger as a rich source of Epigallocatechin Galate
  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue whilst losing weight

Born To Be Slim (Mango) - x3

  • Four fruit extracts famed for weight loss, plus 100mg Caffeine
  • Research found African Mango Extract to reduce waistline and hip circumference
  • Ideal for clients who overeat, working as an appetite suppressant whilst managing blood sugar levels

Gym Buddy 14x - x2

  • A mix of 14 ingredients primed to maximise your output in the gym
  • BCAA complex to replenish energy systems, allowing heavier lifting for longer
  • Ideal as a foundation supplement for any regular gymgoer; no need to cycle, recommended all year round

Magnificent 7 - x3

  • Combining seven key Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, C, D and E
  • Basic formula to help balance cholesterol levels, improve vision, tissue repair and strengthen immunity
  • Ideal multivitamin for all clients, acting as an insurance policy for the body’s multiple functioning systems

Muscle 5x - x10

  • A blend of five ingredients known to improve physical performance: Creatine, BCAAs and Vitamin B3
  • 200mg Creatine and BCAA complex ideal for increasing power output
  • Great as an additional supplement for clients looking to build muscle, perfectly complimenting our Natural Whey Protein powder

Raspberry Fruit Extract - x1

  • 2500mg extract per capsule, twice the potency of rival UK brands
  • Superfood and antioxidant, acting as a powerful appetite suppressant and fat burner
  • Perfect for those clients conscious about using natural ingredients to lose weight and detoxify

Testo Pro 6x - x1

  • Powerful blend of five natural plant extracts, together with Zinc, to boost testosterone
  • Contains Tribulus and Fenugreek, commonly used for enhancing fertility and heightening testosterone levels amongst muscle building communities
  • Specifically formulated for male clients; ideal for those who struggle to maximise their output in the gym (and the bedroom)

Zinc 500 - x3

  • 50mg tablets – FIVE TIMES the Nutritional Reference Value (500%) – Only ONE tablet per dose
  • Boosts protein synthesis and metabolises carbohydrates and fatty acids for energy
  • Absolutely essential, Zinc is involved in every cell function within the body; amazing for both client and trainer alike, aiding cognitive function during training and muscle growth afterwards

Vitamin B6 - x2

  • Potent formula containing 50mg per tablet (3571% the NRV)
  • Contributes to a range of bodily systems, including red blood cell formation and a functioning nervous system
  • Enhance your concentration levels when training multiple clients during the day. B Vitamins help enhance your mood by regulating hormones, keeping the body in balance by reducing stress and anxiety for a healthier mind. Ideal for clients concerned with their mental health or struggling to focus.

Vitamin C (1250%) - x1

  • 1000mg tablets (1250% NRV) for boosting immune system
  • Increase energy levels, reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Arguably the smallest addition to your supplement arsenal for the largest reward. A functioning immune system is crucial if you want to see your clients show steady improvements without interruption due to illness. Increase your energy levels day-to-day both physically and mentally; key for a personal trainer working in a busy gym environment


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