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Exceptional Offer on Steve's Recommended Supplements

Steve swears by taking the following supplements every single day, so that he gives himself the best opportunity to feel at his best:

Our powerful plant extract Turmeric supplement is one of our best selling supplements, taken by customers of all ages to aid "infection and joint pain... aid mobility... help my arthritis... anti-inflammatory properties" and more, just read our customer reviews to see for yourself.

Steve calls a multivitamin your "nutritional insurance policy", which he believes we should all be taking because poor soil quality in our modern world makes it difficult to be sure your diet can provide you with quality vitamins and minerals.

Our unique blend includes 19 vitamins and minerals at 100% or more of the EU’s Nutritional Reference Value (NRV). 

Plus a further 12 minerals and extracts including iron, zinc, turmeric and grape seed extract - each one with global recognition for health and wellbeing. 

Magnesium has so many beneficial properties you really need to read up on them here. Our Magnesium Bisglycinate is a highly bioavailable form of Magnesium that has a range of health benefits from metabolism to the function of normal protein synthesis and maintenance of bones.

Support your immune system and increase crucial iron absorption with our 1250% NRV strength Vitamin C tablets.

Finally, take advantage of us bringing you possibly the highest strength Omega 3 tablet on the market, with a huge 300mg of EPA and 800mg of DHA, which contribute to the normal function of the heart. It's a great supplement to take if you're aware of the benefits of eating oily fish, but don't enjoy eating fish!


Please refer to individual product pages for full details of allergens, ingredients and dosage advice.


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