Product image 1Mixed Tea Bundle of 5
Product image 2Mixed Tea Bundle of 5
Product image 3Mixed Tea Bundle of 5
Product image 4Mixed Tea Bundle of 5
Product image 5Mixed Tea Bundle of 5

Mixed Tea Bundle of 5

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It’s very important to us that our products are ethically and naturally sourced. Our herbal tea is produced just a stone’s throw away from the Isle of Ikaria in Turkey, where the locals enjoy herbal tea in their daily rituals.  

Also, our herbs are extracted without the use of chemicals, and absolutely nothing is added so you can rest assured that our green tea is completely pure, giving it a delicious natural taste.  


We've selected 5 of our herbal teas to accommodate different times of the day and benefits:

  1. Green Tea - a great way to start the day! With less caffeine than black coffee but more than regular tea, plus it s naturally high in antioxidants, which have been known to help fight against free radicals 
  2. Mint & Lemon - mint tea is a popular choice for relieving nausea or other tummy discomfort, so it's a good one to take after meals
  3. Pick Me Up Fruity - a naturally sweet and delicious tea with a citrus kick you can enjoy any time of day.
  4. Invigorate - a delightful, warming boost, made with 35% cinnamon to create a spicy and wholesome tasty tea. The ideal switch from instant hot chocolate powder.
  5. Quiet Moments - Perfect for a quiet, calming moment to help you relax and unwind, made with anise, fennel and chamomile. 


To bring these wonderful herbs alive, use one bag per person, straight into boiling water and infuse for up to 10 minutes. 1 bag per cup. Best served without milk.

How to drink green tea: our top tip if you’ve ever experienced a bitter taste to your green tea, don’t pour the hot water the moment it boils. Use fresh water in the kettle, let the water boil (the bubbles formed help reduce the acidity of the water), and then leave the water in the kettle before pouring directly onto the teabag.

The way the water cascades into your mug on top of the tea bag makes a huge difference in the depth and speed of infusion.


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