Cold-Pressed Herbal Laurel Seed Oil 50ml

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Laurel Seed Oil Benefits:

  • Great for making your own soaps and beauty products
  • Ideal for acne or spot prone skin
  • Has cleansing and antiseptic properties

What is Laurel Seed Oil? 

Laurel seed oil has been used for centuries in Antakya, Turkey in traditional cosmetic products including soap and massage oil. The laurel tree is an evergreen forest tree found all over the Mediterranean area, but especially in Turkey. A crown of laurel leaves would often be given to winner in Ancient Greek and Roman games. 

Aleppo soap, named after the city of Aleppo in Syria, is a castile soap made from olive oil, lye and laurel oil. Olive oil is known an excellent emollient, while laurel oil was added due to its cleansing properties. At Primal Living, we really encourage you to make your own beauty products, so why not give soap making a go?! 

The cleansing and antiseptic properties of laurel oil also make it an ideal oil to use on acne or spot prone skin. 

Suggested uses 

  • Traditionally used alongside existing beauty products to aid acne or spot prone skin 
  • Blend with other oils to make your own soaps or beauty products  


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