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49 day health reset programme. Learn how to permanently lose weight without ever feeling hungry, while regaining your true happiness and freedom. The Reset changes your relationship with food, so that you never feel you are giving anything up. Instead it changes the foods you desire and crave.

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49 day health reset     

Learn how to permanently lose weight without ever feeling hungry, while regaining your true happiness and freedom.

Order today, receive your welcoming pack along with code and start the course at your convenience. 

What you will achieve

1. Lose weight: Learn how to lose weight permanently, without the need to count calories.

2. Never feel hungry: Discover a new relationship with food that never leaves you feeling hungry.

3. Be happy: We focus on the brain and not the belly, stimulating both happiness and freedom


Add life to years
With Health Reset, rather than fighting your hormones, we teach how to partner them, rewiring your primal instinct, so that weight loss becomes virtually effortless. The Reset changes your relationship with food, so that you never feel you are giving anything up. Instead it changes the foods you desire and crave. This facilitates a feeling of true freedom, happiness and adds life to your years..

Additional health benefits

While Health Reset focuses on helping participants return to their desired healthy weight, this journey to wellness also provides many additional benefits. Here are some of the most frequent experienced healthy side effects.

Better sleep: there are two sessions dedicated to getting a better night sleep. Plus, much of the advice given throughout the course, contribute to a better night sleep.

Happiness: pleasure and happiness are not the same thing. Sadly few get to appreciate the difference. The course steers you along a path of discovery.

Reduced depression & anxiety: while there are no specific sections on depression and anxiety, many participants report a feeling of calmness and living in the now.

Better skin: as participants learn to identify nutrient rich food; the increase in vitamins and minerals helps improve skin.

Never again feel hungry: within just weeks of beginning the reset, participants are able to skip meals without ever feeling hungry.

More energy: as the taste buds of participants gradually change, their desires for energy rich healthy foods, lead to an increase in energy and vitality.

Reduced risk of chronic diseases: many diseases in the modern world are interrelated. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes type 2, Alzheimer’s and Obesity are all viewed by many leading doctors to be related to insulin resistance; which is the main is caused by food choices. This is the heart of your Health Reset programme.

What you get

49 Day course

Each day, receive an informative video (or chose audio only), which over 7 weeks, step by step, helps you both permanently lose weight and reset your health.

Welcome pack

Before your first course day, you will receive your Welcome Pack including an Interactive Journal, a cookbook, 3 health wristbands, 30 day supply of supplements and your membership card.

Week 7 assist pack

Before your last week, you will receive your Final Week Pack, which includes a Health Book written by your host, 21 Fibre Rich Drinks and a further 30 days of supplements.

View 7 Day Journal

Health Reset Success Stories & Reviews

“Found the course excellent, learned a great deal. Things Steve said about loosing weight really work in 6 weeks. I've lost 11lbs and I feel great. Thank you Primal Living.”
Vivian Lee
“I just completed the Health Reset. The course is first class, if you follow it to the last day the rewards are great. I lost 10 pounds in weight and feel great. I am now in fat burning mode. I can now fast to one meal a day and don't miss the constant eating. Recommended course.”
Charles Chambers
“Really enjoyed the course. I cannot believe how much I didn’t know. It was a real eye opener. I found it a bit difficult in the beginning especially lunches as I only ever had sandwiches but once I got into it I realised there was so much more. I have lost 5kg up to now and will continue until I reach my goal. Thank you so much for creating this course. 😃”
Jayne Kirwin
“After a mere 2 week following the no carbohydrate "diet" I already lost 3 kilo in weight, now week 6 and I am 10 kilo lighter than i was before I started. Once we start in the final week my weight will fall further. I have no doubt that if i keep carbohydrates out of my diet the the weight will keep dropping until I am back to the weight I was 30 years ago, at least that is my plan. Thank you so much Health Reset people”
A Happy Customer
“I signed up for the Health Restart programme because I am considerably overweight.  It allows you time to learn from experts about a different way of  healthy eating, before you begin changing your eating habits. Within one week I lost 10lbs!  I am delighted with it.” -
“I’ve just finished the Primal health reset too. Feel totally different & better thanks to Steve. Changed our life & loosing weight too.”
Jayne McArdle

“Just finishing day 49. I’ve lost 21 pounds!!! Can’t believe it! I’m planning on moving to intermittent fasting for 16 hrs a day, as I’m really feeling the benefits, as well as the new life that I’ve got.”

Christopher Roe-Bullion

"I’m really pleased that I bought this course. In the past 6 weeks I’ve lost 18lb. I’m determined to stick to a Primal Living diet." - Chris Dunn

"Yes I to have enjoyed this course. I have never in my 20 plus years of yo-yo dieting had the fantastic results that I am enjoying with the reset. I have lost 1 stone and 7 inches from waist, tummy and hips in 5weeks 😀. I am someone who needs to listen and watch new information quite a few times before it sinks in, so yes I need to access this program regularly. As Steve has said this is our program for life and I for one will be using it over again and again." - Joanne Lock 

“I finished my Reset yesterday and I thought I'd write a review. The course was a little tricky to begin with but with a little finagling by husband and his encouragement, I persevered. Today I am 108.7 kg (start weight 118kg) I had to contend with diabetes medication so I didn't feel safe doing a full fast. I took my blood sugar readings before meals and was very pleased!

I'm going to the doctor's on the fifth of March for a blood sugar test, I know it will be better than last time. Won't that be a shock for them! I'll post a 'before and after' photo here, even though I have a few more kilos to lose yet.”

Nicola Bentley


“Thoroughly enjoying Reset so far - on Day 31 and have learned so much. Whilst I'm fortunate enough to be without physical pain from any health related conditions currently, I know I'm on the brink of my bad habits and lifestyle catching up with me, so 2021 is the year of change! There's been so many 'lightbulb' moments and whilst I still don't feel entirely comfortable about not taking blame for my current weight and lifestyle, I understand better why I've made the choices I have & I've finally chosen to regain control. Howdy to all the fellow Resetters - we've got this!” - Julie Bell “Finished my reset and have really enjoyed the course. I work in public health and had a heart attack last year, so decided to do the course. I really like the theory which justifies the choices I now make. Tonights meal (omad seems the way to go for me) is stuffed mushrooms with goats cheese, garlic, shallots, served with romaine lettuce, 1 x red pepper, walnuts and balsamic vinegar. I still would like to shift a bit of weight but not counting numbers. I have lost 2 stone and feel much better already. This is a complete life change and one I am embracing. Thanks Steve Bennett. Truly awesome course and worth seeing through.”
Steve North

Steven North's Incredible Health Reset Progress Photos


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Health Reset

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