Cold-Pressed Herbal Glycerin Oil 50ml

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Glycerin Oil Benefits 

  • Moisturizing properties make it a perfect addition to skincare 
  • Excellent carrier oil or massage oil 
  • Extracted from natural plant extracts 
  • 100% pure and natural 

Our pure glycerin oil is 100% extracted from natural plant extract, cold-pressed and then filtered. Glycerin is an excellent multi-purpose oil that can be used to create your own soaps and other skincare products, thanks to its highly effective emollient properties. Its ability to absorb water makes it a popular humectant for skincare. Don’t underestimate the power and importance of hydration for your skin, as we are made from 60-70% water! 

Moisturising and Hydrating 

As it is naturally odourless, it makes a great carrier oil or lubricant for anyone interested in making their own beauty products. Its moisture-giving properties make it an ideal solution for anyone trying to fight the signs of aging, as additional moisture in your skin will help it feel smoother and look plumper.  

You can apply it directly to your skin as a toner or on ageing skin, or on very dry areas such as cracked heels. Vegetable glycerin oil will suit most types of skin, helping balance oil on combination skin, and quenching the thirst of dry skin. 

Suggested uses: 

  • Apply directly anywhere on the body suffering from dry or rough skin 
  • Use as a toner 
  • Use glycerine as a thickening agent for various DIY beauty remedies 
  • Blend with your favourite oils for massage or skin care


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