Primal Presenters

Poppy Hadkinson

Poppy’s zest for life is there for us all to see any time we tune in to Primal Cure TV, and rightly so. Because her remarkable enthusiasm is built upon an inspiring story.

Due to a condition called Severe and Brittle Asthma, she has been intubated in Intensive Care and induced into a coma no less than four times, enduring hypoxic fits and suffering respiratory arrest twice!

For that reason, she has a keen interest in holistic wellbeing and is an ambassador for Asthma UK. In this role, she puts her presenting skills to good use as an accomplished public speaker, raising awareness at charity events on a regular basis.

Like other members of our Primal team, spending considerable time in and out of hospital over a number of years means she is well placed to talk about our health care system.

Having worked in television for over five years, Poppy is a charismatic presenter with a passion for entirely natural products and organic solutions which allow people to look and feel their healthiest.

She is proud to be a part of the Primal Cure movement and we’re equally proud to have her on board.

Rosie Wells

Tenacious, fearless and friendly, Rosie always brings a smile together with boundless energy and enthusiasm; a delight to watch on our screens. Her natural approach makes her both relaxing and fun to watch, whilst at the same time being engaging and doggedly informative.

Rosie is a busy mum of two and enjoys Yoga and High Intensity Interval Training to maintain her focus and fitness!

Rosie LOVES to cook! So keep an eye out for recipe ideas, because you can look forward to watching her creative juices flow once we open the Primal Kitchen.

Rae Carpenter

A talented presenter possessing a wealth of experience, Rae is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and owns her own health and wellbeing company away from our TV screens.

As a transformation coach with a passion for personal development, she helps men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes – both within the UK and overseas in the USA – lead healthier, happier lives.

Owing to her depth of knowledge and qualifications, she is a the Health and Fitness expert for the acclaimed TV programme FFITCymru and is called on regularly to appear on television as an expert to advise on exercise, fitness and all matters relating to health and wellbeing.

Expect to see her in the Primal Gym talking about all things physical and encouraging us to move more.

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