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Download The Primal Living App.

Live Primally and learn how to burn fat, build muscle and lead a healthier lifestyle with Primal Cure. Reject CARBS, and instead combine healthy fats, protein, fruit and vegetables, with intermittent fasting and short, intense bursts of exercise.

Use the Primal Log to keep track of your fast days, water consumption, alcohol intake and other Primal elements to devise your own personalised Primal Score to keep you on track with living Primally.

Monitor your Primal results by inputting and updating your measurements.

Choose from dozens of exercises, all designed to burn fat and build muscle – whether you want to bulk up or tone up, you can isolate stubborn areas with our range of fat-burning exercises.

Gym aficionados can choose from a range of machine exercises, from cable rows, to bench presses and peck decks.

Choose free weights to learn how to use dumbbells, kettle bells and barbells in a variety of exercises, covering pretty much every muscle in your body!

Anyone new to exercise can join in too, by selecting our ‘no weight’ exercises.

Each exercise zone has easy to follow images and descriptions, ensuring you keep on track and reach your Primal Cure.

Track walking and movement by selecting a variety of low-impact sport, including walking, swimming, cycling, golf, yoga and more.



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