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The blueprint held within our DNA is designed for a lifestyle that has all but disappeared. With the passing of each decade, the speed at which we travel away from what we were designed to be is accelerating at an alarming pace. As a result our true health, that which is hidden below a camouflage of modern medicine, is progressively deteriorating.

In a nutshell, living Primally is about focusing on three different areas of our lives; diet, lifestyle and environment. By diet, I mean the food and drink choices that we make. Under lifestyle I include sleep, sunshine, stress, purpose, family and exercise. And finally, just like the people on the isle of Ikaria, we should do everything possible to protect our environment; avoiding toxins, chemicals and radiation.

Living Primally helps us lead a life more in keeping with what nature intended for us. While many of the ideas in this book are essentially little more than common sense, there is a huge hurdle to overcome; our brains. The human brain is a gigantic interconnected information processor that derives intelligence from two principle sources; real life experiences and a combination of other third party influences. Through the dynamic interplay of these neural messages, our brain collates an overall stance on everything from what we should eat for breakfast to interpreting what is happening in a movie, from telling stories to forming opinions on brands. But there is a huge problem when it comes to our health. Some of the biggest food companies have gravely influenced and then manipulated medical research, conducted subliminal advertising and subconscious targeted marketing techniques, which have fuelled our desire for what is essentially harmful food dressed up and labelled as if it offers certain health benefits. We discus later how the government in conjunction with both the pharmaceutical conglomerates and giant food corporations have secretly exasperate the issue, such that today we are now eating the worst possible diet human sapiens have ever consumed.

In order for you to regain full control of your health, I am going to dislodge your pendulum of thinking. What does that mean? Put simply by providing you with the truth about what we eat, when we eat and how we exercise; by revealing the secret agenda of governments, food and pharmaceutical giants; I am going to dislodge the effects of brainwashing and provide you with the knowledge and hopefully the motivation to control the destination of your health, happiness and longevity.

Knowledge is power. Armed with this new power, you will be able to control your destiny and decide to a greater extent your own fate.

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