Hi, my name is Steve, founder of Primal Living and I would like to share with you a short story about how it all began.
You see, when my youngest child Louie was born, I was obese, unhealthy and approaching my fiftieth birthday.
Like all parents, I wanted the best for my children and to be around to see them grow up.

Back then, I was so frustrated and terrified by being so overweight and how it was making me feel, that I started dedicating my days to researching more about health. The more I studied, the more furious I became. Furious that for all those years bouncing between being fat and obese, I had been fed a big fat lie about what was causing my weight and ultimately how to get rid of it (BTW - that’s why I called my book Fat & Furious). It wasn’t that I hadn’t tried, I had always exercised regularly and had continuously eaten what I was told should help me shift my weight, but for 25 years I had always lost my battle with my bulge.

Since I discovered the truth about health, my stubborn belly has gone, and so have many of the health issues that I now realise were associated with it. The infuriating thing is, pretty much everything I thought I knew about food before was wrong. 

My thinking, much like nearly everyone else in Britain, had been shaped by big food and pharmaceutical companies that, as it turns out, don’t appear to have any interest in my health at all.

Part of what I uncovered was that my previous food choices had been shaped by misinformation and brainwashing from advertising. And, with the onslaught of fast and packaged food with their highly addictive ingredients, it wasn’t just me they had made fat, it was the nation too. So much so, that the average adult in Britain today is two and a half stone heavier (16kg) than adults were in the year I was born! I also learnt the sad truth that most people in hospital beds are there because of illnesses that are in the main caused by the food we eat. I also discovered that the life expectancy today for a male adult living in Britain is less than it was in the Victorian period of the 1870’s. None of this is acceptable to me.

My own health journey left me with two thoughts: “As a nation, how do we collectively stop accepting the unacceptable?” and “How can I help to make Britain healthy?”. And that is how Primal Living began...



 In nature we trust and create all products as naturally as possible.

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I would like to share with you the MAP (Mission, Approach & Purpose)
we are, with the greatest attention to every detail,
following on our journey:

Our Mission

 To help people in Britain add life to years. We are focused on making a real difference in people’s health. 

Our Approach

We always try and do it in a transparent, honest, real and authentic manner. Why? We are furious with all the misinformation about nutrition, exercise and health in general. Like many of you, we treasure the truth. Which is why all our work is focused on spreading true knowledge about health.

We want to empower people to be in charge of their own health. This is what meaningful impact mean to us and it’s why we exist. After all, good health is a human right and we want to give you access to the best, most truthful knowledge about your health and how to reach your true potential.

We educate, take note, deliver on our promise and most importantly, listen to you. And that’s what we think makes us different. We’re not just another company hiding away and focusing on profit, we’re a family with a huge passion to help bring change to the health industry and make Britain once again healthy. Trust is paramount to us and that’s why we’re transparent, honest and reliable in everything we do.

We trust you will find us a friendly, approachable, and inclusive bunch, where you feel a real part of our community. Whether you subscribe to a range of our products (and if you do – a big thank you, mainly for trusting us) or even if you’re just trying us for the first time, we see you as part of our family.

Our Purpose

In everything we do, in everything we create, our purpose is to prevent and reverse health problems by helping people to understand the 'why' and 'how' of their health and put them in charge of reaching or even exceeding their health potential.

Our Values: Truth, Courage, Impact, Openness and Simplicity. 

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