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Why call the book Primal Cure?

Well as far as I can see after intensive research and speaking with many experts, I have three core beliefs about how to live a healthy life; we need to eat a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in quality fats (as did primal man), we should intersperse this food regime with intermittent fasting (as did primal man) and we should supplement all of this with short sessions of high intensity exercise (you guessed it – as did primal man).

A combination of carbohydrate overload, eating too frequently and a sedentary life style, are pretty much responsible for all illnesses in the modern world. Primal Cure is about focusing on what we were designed to eat. It is the natural diet of our species! The food our bodies were designed to eat. It also pays close attention to when we eat and looks at the various types of exercise that will aid your health rather than those that are known to do long term damage.

Is Primal Cure a diet book?

Well that depends on your view of what a diet is. The word diet is derived from the Greek word diaita, which meant “way of life” and in this respect, Primal Cure is the ultimate diet. But Primal Cure is definitely not a diet book by the current interpretation of what a diet is. Living our daily lives more Primally is enjoyable, therefore provides a long-term approach to sustainable health.

There is no calorie counting, nor any strict regime of recipes. I also don’t believe that one approach to health fits all. We are all biologically different; we all have different genes, we all live different life styles. What works for an 18 year old male who has lots of time to exercise at university, will be very different to what will work for a forty year old mother who has little free time and a stressful time at home. What works for an 80 year old male, who plays regular golf, is very different to a 25 year old female executive who works 16 hours a day. What amount of water you should drink, vitamins you should take, calories you should consume vary hugely from what size you are and how old you are. It varies from active individuals to those that are sedentary. Just like you wouldn’t tell all fourteen year old boys to wear size nine shoes or thirty year old females to wear size ten tops, you can’t really say you must eat 30 grams of protein a day or xx of Vitamin C.

Plus, as Dr Spencer Nadolsky writes in his book The Fat Loss Prescription,

“It doesn’t matter how ‘scientific’ or ‘effective’ your diet looks on paper if you can’t stick to it. The single biggest mistake people make when trying to lose weight is following a diet they don’t enjoy”.

So as you work through the book and try different things, some will suit you and others won’t. Whilst I believe that the more principles you follow, the more healthy you will ultimately become; even if you only adopt a few it will still be a step in the right direction.

Our intention with Primal Cure is to help you understand what it is that makes you sick and fat (sorry for the assumption). Even if you are not fat, many of our principles help slow down the aging process and prevent modern civilised diseases.

I am not a doctor, but I am a father of seven wonderful children. I am not a trained dietician, but I am a grandfather to one wonderful granddaughter. I am not a biologist, chemist, psychologist, personal trainer or nutritionist and to be quite honest left school with no formal qualifications worthy of a mention. However, I have spent 27 years building several businesses and have never been afraid to shout out when I see things that I believe are wrong. I simply want to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible, to know the truth about the food you eat.

Primal Cure book has been written by digesting copious amounts of rigorous scientific research. In getting my own health back on track, I have read and digested hundreds of books on diet, health, exercise, the history of humankind, nutrition and almost anything that could help me get a better understanding of how to live healthy for as long as possible. At the back of the book I list all of the most valuable books I have read and would like to thank all of the authors, doctors, personal trainers and medical advisors who have been so helpful to me on this quest to reveal the truth about health.

Over the years I have employed thousands of wonderful people in the various companies that along with my brother, sister and wife we have started from scratch. Anyone that has previously worked for us or currently works with us, as a small gesture of gratitude, please feel free to contact us for a free copy of this book. Whilst the gesture might be financially small, we are convinced that its contents will have a lasting and wonderful effect of great magnitude. Ask anyone that has worked with us about my families approach to business and most will mention something called CPI. Its something that’s proved fundamental in us twice building the UK’s fastest growing privately owned company’s (according to the Sunday Times annual FastTrack reports). CPI stands for Continual Performance Improvements. What I mean by this is that, there is no perfect way to do anything, just the best way that we have currently found. It means every team member in an organisation should always be looking at ways to improve everything that we do. When we find something new, something that’s better than the way we use to do things, we have to be open and honest and never afraid to say we did it wrong before. Why am I mentioning CPI? Because whilst this book represents what I truly believe to be 100% correct regarding happiness and health, I am sure over coming years one or two of the principles might be modified as more and more research is conducted. If I discover any of the content needs modifying I will place the information on our website. If you subscribe to our weekly blog, then if there is anything we need to alert you too, in terms of changes to our health principles we will sure to let you know.

This book represents what I believe to be correct today. It’s the principles I teach my own children, recommend to all of my family and friends and the ones which I recommend for you. If you are on any medication, please seek the advice of your doctor before adopting some of the principles in this book.

I have written Primal Cure because I want to make people aware of the huge amount of utter crap advice that is out there and rubbish that companies pedal in search of bigger profits.

Primal Cure is written a bit back to front in that all of the advice stuff doesn’t really kick in till chapter 2. Admittedly, Chapter 1 is quite heavy going as it attempts to give a lot of background into both our body’s and also food. In addition, I provide a look behind the scenes of big corporations and governments, revealing their secrets. Secrets that have made many of us fat, unhappy and unhealthy for far too long.

Does Primal Cure work? Can it cure certain diseases? Can it make me loose weight forever? Will it reduce my likelihood of dying of disease? Can it make me happier? The answer is yes. Not just yes to these questions, but many more too. But actions speak louder than words ever will. So let me make you a promise. A guarantee. If after reading this book, you implement some of its ideas and you don’t feel happier and healthy, you simply send me an email with a copy of your receipt and I will refund you in full.

Now you might think there must be some kind of catch. Well there isn’t. Let me explain. I wrote my first two business books, not really to sell to anyone, but as an internal guide for the incredible team members in our companies. Three years ago, I wrote a fourteen hundred page book on gemstones and jewellery, not with any intention of making money from the book, but because I wanted to share my love for gemstones with anyone who felt the same connection with nature. I started writing Primal Cure mainly as a reference for my own children on how to live happily and healthily. But as steadily increased the quality and quantity of my research, the further I used my own body as a human guinea-pig, the more amazed I became at how simple it was. And more importantly, how enjoyable the whole approach became.

Enjoy the new Primal you with a guarantee that it works. It might take a little longer for some individuals to start reaping the benefits, but trust me the benefits will come.

Before we get going, I want you to promise me that you will keep the advice I give you in context. It’s unlikely without cutting yourself off from the rest of the world, that you will be able to follow all of the principles all of the time. We want above all for you to be both happy and healthy. We also want this to be a life style change and for that to happen, you must enjoy it. The more of the principles you follow, the healthier you will be, but if after trying some, you don’t like them, then leave those principles out and just follow the rest.

It is really important to look at both our health and the advice in this book from an elevated position. We need to see the whole picture and what business people call the helicopter view. If we don’t, then we could end up with completely the wrong view. In isolation some things might be ok for our health, but when combined with others deadly. Omega 6 when properly balanced with Omega 3 is very beneficial, but when consumed in isolation and to excess can killer. Getting a good night sleep and living a stress free as possible is essential to a longer life, but if we just lie in bed all day and don’t do any exercise we’re going to meet our maker sooner than we anticipate.

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