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It's been over a year since Primal Living went letterbox friendly, and we're not looking back. We did this to improve our overall customer shopping experience and help minimise packaging waste in the UK. Our supplements are designed to fit perfectly through both normal sized letterboxes and large, so you don't need to worry about being home for delivery.

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Letterbox Friendly

Where possible, we design all of our products to fit through all UK letterboxes. They conform to the Royal Mail letter specification sizes and depending on your mix of products, you can even get up to 8 different supplements into one cardboard box.

Letterbox Friendly Large

Some of our items, such as our effervescent tablets and organic CBD, will fit through most letter boxes, but just in case they don't, you may need to be in to receive them (or tell us where to leave the package instead).

New to Primal Living? Or simply want to adjust your subscription?

We've created a collection of letterbox friendly bundles aimed towards different health care needs. Whether you want to sleep better at night or boost your energy & vitality levels, we have a bundle of supplements perfect for most people...

Post menopause & good mood letterbox friendly bundle →

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we all need help from time to time to improve our mood and outlook, especially if you suspect your low mood is due to hormonal imbalances.

This bundle has been put together to help support you through those times:
- Menosupport Menopause Supplement
- Happy Days Good Mood Herbal Formula
- Vitamin C 1250% tablets
- Omega 3 Brain Health
- Vitamin D3 Spray

Sleep tight letterbox friendly bundle →

Sleep may be free, but it doesn't always come easy, that's why we've put together a handy bundle of supplements designed to support a good night's sleep:

- Sleep Naturally Primal Sleep Aid
- Sleep Spray
- Magnesium
- Multivitamin Ultimate Plus
- Vitamin C 1250% tablets

Energy and vitality letterbox friendly bundle →

If you find you constantly lack energy and feel tired, then you just need to tweak your supplement intake to help you feel more like yourself.

We've included the following in this supplement bundle to combat tiredness and fatigue in everyday life:
- Noggin x2 (20 day supply)
- Omega 3 Brain Health
- Magnesium
- Zinc
- Turmeric
- Multivitamin Ultimate Plus

Results driven beauty letterbox friendly bundle →

Look after yourself from the inside out with our beauty bundle deal. If you struggle with skin, hair or nail health, or just fancy giving yourself a boost, try our beauty supplement combo:

- Hair, Skin & Nails
- Collagen powder sachets x2 (20 day supply)
- Biotin Beauty Spray
- Vitamin C 1250% tablets

Ultimate weight loss letterbox friendly bundle →

While there is a huge range of “slimming” products on the market, many of them contain artificial sweeteners, sugar and other man made ingredients, which will NOT help you lose weight. Additionally, we want to support your overall health, as well as your weight loss goals, which is why our weight loss bundle includes a multi-vitamin and magnesium.

- Slimshotz Berry flavour (21 day supply)
- Slimshotz Vanilla flavour (21 day supply)
- Thermogenic Fat Burner
- Multivitamin Spray
- Magnesium tablets

Dr Kendrick's Healthy Heart Bundle →

Dr Kendrick has selected this combination of multivitamins, minerals and vitamins in order to provide you with the optimal opportunity to look after your heart health and to form part of a lifestyle and nutrition approach to help prevent heart health issues.

- Healthy Heart (Dr Kendrick) Tablets
- Vitamin C 1250% Tablets
- Vitamin D3 Tablets
- Omega 3 Brain Health Soft Gels
- Magnesium Tablets

Most Popular Bundle →

Steve swears by taking the following supplements every single day, so that he gives himself the best opportunity to feel at his best:

- Turmeric
- Multivitamin Ultimate Plus
- Magnesium
- Vitamin C 1250%
- Omega 3 Brain Health

Dr Hussain's Healthy Gut & Inner Health Combo →

Dr Shan Hussain has created this ultimate wellness offer from our Primal Living supplements to help support optimal health. They provide many essential components that we need to sustain our energy, vitality and immunity.

- Probiotic 6 billion CFU
- Omega 3 Brain Health
- Multivitamin Ultimate
- Vitamin C 1250% tablets
- Vitamin D3 Spray

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