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What is the Primal Living Lifestyle?

Living Primally is living by 3 core beliefs:

1. eat a diet low in carbohydrates and high in quality fat (as did primal man)

2. intersperse this food regime with intermittent fasting (as did primal man)

3. supplement all of this with short sessions of high intensity exercise (yup, as did primal man)

We believe that a combination of carbohydrate overload, eating too frequently and a sedentary life style, are pretty much responsible for all illnesses in the modern world. Primal Living is about focusing on what we were designed to eat. It is the natural diet of our species! The food our bodies were designed to eat. It also pays close attention to when we eat and looks at the various types of exercise that will aid your health rather than those that are known to do long term damage.

Why do we need to take supplements if we are living Primally?

Primal man ate an incredibly rich and diverse diet, if he could find it and catch it, he would eat it, from plants, to bugs and insects, thereby intaking a wonderful variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Try as we might, most of us do not eat as diversely as we could, even with the advantage of foods available out of season – we are creatures of habit! Luckily, we can take supplements to fill the gaps we find it hard to source naturally.

Soil quality from the time of Primal man was far superior to the state it is in now. Their soils were not full of toxins and chemically produced pesticides, nor were they breathing in pollutants. Even where we stick to organically-produced foods, the soil quality will still not be as rich as beneficial as it was in the time of Primal Man.

Our Primal Living principle on supplements is: eat as much organic and nutritionally loaded food as possible and then supplement to meet any dietary shortfalls.

Why are your supplements only available in 30-day supplies?

Freshness – every time you open the tub, oxidisation will occur. By restricting the amount of oxidisation to 30 days, you will keep your supplements fresh.

Flexibility – you can start off by trying a particular supplement for just 1 month, then if it benefits you, you can buy more in the future, or you can try a different supplement next time until you find one that works for you.

Affordability – by only supplying 1 month of supplements, you can purchase the supplements you need at a realistic and affordable pricing, rather than paying a premium for 6 months’ supply upfront.

Quality – we believe in quality over quantity. All our supplements, except our soft gels and effervescent tablets, are made in the UK to the highest standards, formulated by experts in this field. By only producing 30 days’ supplements at a time, we can ensure each tablet, capsule or sachet is of top quality and efficacy for you to use.

Does all the food and drink I consume need to be organic?

Switching to 100% organic food means living 100% Primally. However, we are aware that purchasing and consuming 100% organic food is not an option that everyone can invest in. in this case, there are 3 main food types we would advise you prioritise as organic:

Red meat

Leafy greens


After organic, we believe local, fresh produce is best – it’s travelled the least distance, so its freshness is better than food from overseas, and of course, this has less impact on the environment. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, frozen is often the best course after organic, as the time from the food being picked to frozen is far less than most fresh produce.

For any other questions about living Primally, please do use our website as a resource, and also purchase the Primal Cure book, which covers several topics from the history of Primal Living, further depth and detail behind Primal food, the basics on medicine and supplements, an introduction to Primal Cure MOMMS (Max Out Move More – Sprint) and further tips and advice on living a Primal Lifestyle.

We may live Primally, but we use technology, so if you’re feeling chatty, send your question our way to support@primalliving.com, or pick up the phone to talk to us and call 08004402888.

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