Product image 1Cool Mist Aroma Bottle Humidifier
Product image 2Cool Mist Aroma Bottle Humidifier
Product image 3Cool Mist Aroma Bottle Humidifier


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Cool Mist Aroma Bottle Humidifier

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  • Helps to combat dry air in your home 
  • Can relieve symptoms such as congested nose, itchy or dry eyes and dry skin 
  • When used with our essential oils, it releases a beautiful scent into your home creating a relaxing atmosphere.  
  • Colour changing LED lights will brighten up your environment and create a calming atmosphere. 
  • Can be placed in your bedroom (or your baby’s bedroom) to help encourage a peaceful night’s sleep 
  • Can be used for people who suffer from worsened asthma or allergy symptoms 
  • Can be used to help prevent common colds and the flu 
  • It has been known to sometimes help alleviate symptoms of tonsillitis 

What does a humidifier do? 

Simply put, a humidifier releases water vapor into the atmosphere which can help keep the air in a room moist. We believe this is beneficial for everyone, but especially helps people who suffer from the day to day struggles of congestion, dry skin or itchy eyes. 

Our cool mist humidifier also has the capability to vaporise essential oils, which can help relieve the stress of everyday life.  

Ever suffer from a stuffy nose, itchy eyes or dry skin?  

Well did you know that lack of humidity in the air can lead towards these symptoms occurring in your own home! Our humidifier will release moisture back into the air, helping you breathe easier whilst providing hydration for your skin. Not only this, but it can be used with your favourite essential oils to fill your home with a delightful aroma.  

  • Diffusing oils into a mist can purify the air and assist in relaxation.
  • Lightly touching the switch key will immediately acquire a delightfully fresh aroma.
  • Colour changing LED lights will also brighten up your environment and create a calming atmosphere.

Comes complete with full instruction manual. Essential oils not included. This electric oil diffuser will work with our essential oils collections: cleansing oils and reviving oils.

  • Type: USB
  • Cable Length: 1m
  • Rated Power: 3 watt
  • Water Capacity: 380ml

Please note: Only includes a USB cable, plug adapter not included.

Keywords: defusers, defuser, humidifiers 


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