Product image 1Multiman 60+ Multivitamin Supplement (Man 60+)
Product image 2Multiman 60+ Multivitamin Supplement (Man 60+)
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Multiman 60+ Multivitamin Supplement (Man 60+)

Our multivitamin is packed full of all the vitamins and minerals you need every day, and is nutritionally tailored to men over 60. Shop our best multivitamin supplement today.

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Multiman 60+ Benefits: 

  • Nutritionally tailored to men over 60. 
  • Contains vitamins and minerals you need every day. 
  • Formulated with iron which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue 
  • Includes vitamins a and b2, which contribute to the maintenance of good vision
  • High vitamin d content contributes to the maintenance of muscle function and normal cell division 
  • Six times the NRV for vitamin b12, a vitamin we’re more likely to become deficient in as we get older. 
  • Previously known as Man 60 +
  • Made in the UK 
  • GMP Certified 

Are you aged 60 or over? 

As we get into our older years and move towards retirement it’s especially important that we look after our bodies and stress less. At Primal Cure, we think eating lots of nutritional foods, getting out and walking more and taking a multivitamin each day is the best way to ensure we live healthier, happier and longer lives. 

Our Multiman 60+ multivitamin has been designed exactly with you in mind, we have worked with our nutritional development team to create what we think is the best multivitamin for men over 60 on the market today. 

Vitamins, minerals and plant extracts tailored to you 

Our Multiman 60+ formula contains all the vitamins and minerals you need every day, so by simply taking one small tablet each morning you don’t need to worry about whether you're hitting every single target every single day. In total we have included 27 vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to support your health and wellbeing. 

It's also worth noting that we’ve added a huge six times the nutritional reference value of vitamin b12, as the absorption of this vitamin is a highly complex process that often becomes less efficient with age, increasing the likelihood of deficiency. Finally, we all want to prevent our skin from ageing so we've included biotin, iodine, niacin, vitamins a & b2 to help maintain healthy looking skin. 


We are proud of our products and believe you’ll notice the different in 30 days. If you are not happy though, send it back to us and you’ll get your money back.   


We recommend taking one multivitamin tablet per day, ideally with meals for the best effects. 


With our Double the Goodness scheme, 25% of our net profit goes to improving health and nutrition in malnourished communities. 

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