Our top 8 Festive Main Dishes

With Christmas coming up very soon it can be a challenge to cook and find meals that unlock your health potential. Trust me it sounds difficult but if you know where to look for the right recipes, you can still enjoy all your favourite dishes but at a healthier rate, plus they will make you look like an absolute pro in the kitchen to impress your family and friends.
So here are my top 8 main dishes for Christmas

1. Stuffed Ratatouille Peppers Bell Pepper on Apple iOS 14.6

This dish is so fast and easy to prepare and cook, it can be done by anyone! It can cater for any plate of flavour because it’s unique spices. Grilled chicken is known to be one the healthiest ways to cook meat. It works extremely well with the ratatouille; along with the combination of spices – harissa, paprika and cumin. Chop up a few vegetable (or whatever you fancy) dressed with sprinkle a of flavouring and popped into the oven, this gives you the opportunity to focus on grilling your chicken to perfection.  An extra tip, after the chicken is grilled, lower the temperature low and place a lid on to get the juiciest breast you’ll every have!

2. Bang Bang Chicken 💥 

Why not kick start your Christmas meals with a Bang! Our Bang Bang chicken recipe will have your mouth-watering. As this recipe is high in protein and provides healthy fats to your diet, we definitely recommend you add this to your weekly meals too. It may sound like I’ve had one too many glasses of wine for Christmas but hear me out; coating the protein in peanut butter, lime, chilli and whole milk may sound weird but it’s an explosion in your mouth. We’ve paired this dish with lettuce wraps but you can added it to almost any chicken dish. 

3. Mash 🥣

Number 3 is a double whammy! We really are treating you this holiday. Festive dinners are typically carb heavy, which from previous blogs I’ve discussed about carb loading, and we want you to look your best in your Christmas pictures. Replacing the starch heavy potatoes with butternut squash mixed with seasoning and yogurt gives the same texture and consistency of regular potato mash. Alternatively you use cauliflower the same method to give you the same white Christmas you dream of.

4. Shepherd’s Pie 🥧 

You can never go wrong with a classic Shepherd’s pie for Winter, full of all your veggie goodness with the right amount of carbohydrates needed to fuel your body, and of course your protein from the mincemeat of your choosing. Our Mash recipe (number 3) is also incorporated into this dish, we are making Christmas so much easier and convenient! With the whole family around this holiday, this dish is large enough to cater towards larger families, you may even have leftovers for Boxing day too!      


5. Yorkshire Pudding 🍴

Yorkshire puddings are known to be a Christmas staple that’s consumed worldwide, our recipe will complement any meat dish you decide to have, along with being covered by a whole lot of gravy, if you fancy. Comparing our recipe to frozen, processed Yorkshires, ours are very low in carbs and gluten free; hits all the right spots. These will definitely impress your friends and families.   

6. Cranberry Sprouts with sweet and salted roasted nut 🥬

Sprouts can be known to be the least popular item on a Christmas plate, but fun to catapult though! This could be because they are too mushy or undercooked. Try our recipe and you’ll change your ammunition I promise. The strong taste of spouts can be off putting to some, but by adding the festive Cranberry sauce will give the entire dish a whole new flavour. A sweet and salty taste will give you the best of both worlds. A healthy dish that’s full of Nutrients, that’s also a satisfying dish, is a great Christmas present.

7. Smoked Chicken Bean Stew🍗

The smoked chicken bean stew is the type of dish you would have while sat round the fire on the Christmas evening as you kick up your feet to watch your favourite Christmas movie (Tweet us your favourite! @theprimalliving) Using chilli flakes and caraway seeds creates a mild spicy harissa flavour which is cheaper and so much healthier than the regular harissa pasta. You can change the dish to fit your liking as a chicken leg, breast or even a full chicken to create a tray bake! Put this protein alongside chorizo that’s purchased from your local butcher ideally or organic purchase is a meal to remember.


8. Lamb pot🍖

This lamb pot is the ideal dish if you are looking to mix up your festive meal, wanting to try out a different protein for their diet; or you couldn’t grab the last Turkey so you are left alternatives. Our lamb pot recipe is full of Omega 3 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper just to name a few so this red meat will nurture your body, adding you mixed chopped vegetables gives this the medal for being a hearty meal. ½ a bottle of red wine is included in the recipe and is optional; that’s if you have some left over!


Hopefully these early Christmas ideas will motivate you to stick to a health goals moving on into 2022. If you do fancy giving one of these ago download our Primal Living app from the Apple or Google Play store. Alternatively, you can purchase the Primal Gourmet Recipe Book.
From us all at Primal Living, we wish you a Merry Christmas 🎅and a Happy new year🎉