Our Top 8 Christmas Dessert 

After a huge Christmas meal, and possibly a few drinks, you'd want to finish the magical Christmas evening with a dessert. Something to treat and tickle your sweet tooth. Don’t feel as though you have to deprive yourself of this occasion. Our Primal Living Christmas desserts will have you feeling like you are on the Great British Bake Off as these look absolutely beautiful while tasting better than any store brought product.

1. Crunchy Walnut Topped Carrot Cake Muffin🥕

Portion control is something that can be difficult to monitor as cutting and slicing an accurate size can be stressful; especially if you’ve had about 5 glasses of wine so far! Our muffin sizes will help you stick to the right size every time. Personally, I absolutely love carrot cake and when trying our Primal recipe for Christmas, they were sugar free and incredibly moist due to it being grain free. The added touch of crunchy walnut on top gives it that extra texture.

2. Primal Hazelnut chocolate truffle🥜

You might be thinking, “Hang on a minute there is no way you could make a chocolate trifle health in any way possible”. SURPRISE! We’ve made one of the most popular and difficult desserts Primal-friendly, free from refined sugar and packed of health benefits. The secret behind our creamy and moreish is chickpeas; yes the vegetable! A whole tin of chickpeas is include but the trick we found was the cacao powder which removes any trace of flavour from the chicken, do remember this because the last thing you want is to have a Hazelnut Chickpea Truffle  

3. Low carb rhubarb and strawberry crumble🍓

Just reading the recipe name has my mouth drooling. A warm crumble on a Winter Christmas night is something majority of people can look forwards to, especially with our low carb dessert. The crisp golden crumble that’s sat on the warm fruit is made from almond flour, raw honey and coconut oil with a few pieces of almond sprinkled on top. This will honestly be classed as a true dessert pleaser.

4. Almond and coconut dark chocolate cherry tart🍒

If you are looking for a dish to impress your family and friends round this Holiday, our Tart will for sure make you the chef of the family! Being a slightly challenging dish, the rewards will be worth it as this it is the tart of all tarts. Our tart is filled with deep and rich organic chocolate, nestled with hints of fresh cheery. As eating thing in moderation is key, this is the best dish to serve after a hearty Christmas dinner.

5. Single sever low carb Lemon Drizzle Cake🍋

If your advent calendar and gifts haven’t given you chocolate overload, then look no further to our Lemon Drizzle cake, which consists of, you guessed it; Lemon! As the name suggests it is a low carb and has no refined sugars included in this dish; thus remaining sweet, moist and fluffy as a cake should be. The cake stays fluffy due to the coconut flour we use, while using vanilla whey protein powder lemon juice and milk.  

Hopefully these early Christmas ideas will motivate you to stick to a healthy goals moving on into 2022. If you do fancy giving one of these a go download our Primal Living app on the Apple or Google Play store. Alternatively, you can purchase the Primal Gourmet Recipe Book. From us all at Primal Living
We wish you a Merry Christmas 🎅and a Happy new year🎉