Top 5 Festive Snack Ideas 

Snacking can be one of the contributions towards why you might not be achieve your health goals as a lot of snacks can lead to adding extra calories. In this Festive season with all the Christmas Movies and shows on, could become the best host by having the ultimate collection of snacks your friends and families, by being their secret Santa in helping them unlock their health protentional from ours selection of snacks for the winter holiday.

1. Gingerbread Men 🍪

Kicking off the festive list is a Christmas classic, our gingerbread recipe is simple to follow which makes it easy and fun for the entire family to get involved with by decorating them with your very own personal touch (Tweet or Tag us on Instagram of your masterpieces!). These gingerbread men are ideal if you looking to reduce your carb intake while rewarding yourself with low sugar snack while also saving money as you’ll be able to produce multiple gingerbread men in comparison is you purchased a pack/box of them or ready made dough.  

2. Scotch Egg 🥚

Store brought scotch eggs are stuffed with processed meats, high in salt and the breadcrumbs just add an excessive amount of carbs, but as always, Primal Living are always on top of their game and produced an incredible recipe for you scotch egg loves (Steve is definitely one of them!). Our recipe contains hard boiled eggs and lean mince pork which is high in protein to meet your daily intake, we season with salt and pepper but you could season the meat how you want. The grounded almonds replace the carb heavy bread crumbs so this recipe is as Primal as it gets. Our recipe is better than any store brought or processed scotch egg you’ll ever buy.   

3. Prawn Cocktails 🦐

A slightly fancier snacks for those that are hosting larger event during this Festive holiday, these prawn cocktails hardly take 5 minutes to prepare, so they are fast and easy to produce between advertisement! The best thing about this recipe is that it incorporates other recipes within our collection; primal mayonnaise and primal ketchup so this snack remains as healthy as possible, store brought ketchup is high in sugar while mayonnaise is high in fat.

4. Roasted Nuts 🌰

These are pheromonal to have, especially if you have chosen to have a few drinks with your Christmas dinner. The range of nuts bring in different and unique flavors themselves once roast and only take 30 minutes; or roughly one episode of a show. After roasting the nuts, the possibilities are endless to what you want to add or season them with. We enjoy adding dark chocolate since it gives that sweet and salted mix. As for seasoning, we have listed the obvious salt and pepper along with chili powder, curry powder or grounded cumin.


5. Kale Chips 🥬

Often the first thing people think of when they hear “chips” are potatoes, carbs, starch and salt. However we have found an alternative, possibly tastier, solution if you are looking to replace chips to snack on. With a preparation time of only 2 minutes, the secret behind our chips is replacing the potatoes with Kale! Unusual you might say but when they are roasted, the crispy texture is one identical to traditional chip. This is one to get children involved so you could kick your feet up for half an hour!


Hopefully these early Christmas ideas will motivate you to stick to a health goals moving on into 2022. If you do fancy giving one of these ago download our Primal Living app from the Apple or Google Play store. Alternatively, you can purchase the Primal Gourmet Recipe Book.
From us all at Primal Living, we wish you a Merry Christmas 🎅and a Happy new year🎉