Top 5 Festive Breakfast Ideas 

Cold mornings can be the worst as I am sure getting out of bed is the worse since you’ve already wrapped yourself up as a cinnamon bun. These Primal Breakfasts will have you jumping out of bed and reaching for your pot to get these meals ready for yourself and the family, plus it’ll get the you body warming up because who doesn’t love a warm breakfast in the ice cold morning.

1. 3 in 1 Breakfast 🍳

Our 3 in 1 breakfast egg muffins are mouthwatering and full of the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body would need to reach its full potential. This is what sets our recipe apart from other online recipes, especially from a McDonalds breakfast muffin! We have 3 variations of the breakfast muffin so you can mix and match for the family to add versatility and range to your meals each week while also being quick and easy to make for this Festive weather.

2.Hot Cross Buns 🔥

What makes our Hot cross buns different is that they are low carb alternatives, thus are not “bread”. Our recipe can serve up to 6 people, but you can repeat the steps to create more for the family as often when made I’ve always heard “ can I have another please?” when I got feed back from them! There is an endless possibility of what you can put inside them, but we often recommend blueberries, dark chocolate or freeze dried raspberries. A toasty warm hot cross bun paired with number 3 (I hope you read on) will make the every frosty morning feel like a you’ve been given the warmest hug every time.


3. Primal Hot Chocolate ☕

For those that aren’t a huge fan of tea of coffee in the morning, we have a huge treat for you at number 3. Our winter treat of primal hot chocolate will have you enjoying the finer things without the stress or worry of effecting your diet to unlock your health potential. This is no basic hot chocolate, we’ve added raw cacao, turmeric, cinnamon and almond milk; while throwing out all the unnecessary and processed  ingrediencies to offer you and your family a warm, satisfied and healthy option for this Festive season.


4. Banana and almond pancakes 🥞

You would think that this American style dish would be stack (pun intended) to of carbs, sugars and ,quite sickly, stacked with processed topping and sauces. In this case Primal Living has created the perfect winter breakfast for your friends and family. Just like everything on our list, the texture and taste of these pancakes are merely identical to the real deal! They are creamy, fully and just sweet enough to tickle your liking as they are quick, easy and fun for everybody. For topping we topped ours with bananas coins, fresh blueberries and a small slice of almond butter.   


5. Cinnamon Rolls 🥐

These stunning cinnamon rolls in the morning will have your neighbors following the irresistible aroma they leave behind as they taste as good as they smell. Creating the dough the night before enables fast and easy breakfast for the family for these Winter morning. One or two of these in the morning can satisfy any family member. Containing all the healthy fats in each bite you take without the worry of a high carb breakfast. If cinnamon butter doesn’t sound appealing to you, you could replace it with melted chocolate.  


Hopefully these early Christmas ideas will motivate you to stick to a health goals moving on into 2022. If you do fancy giving one of these ago download our Primal Living app from the Apple or Google Play store. Alternatively, you can purchase the Primal Gourmet Recipe Book.
From us all at Primal Living, we wish you a Merry Christmas 🎅and a Happy new year🎉