These paleo & primal friendly Easter eggs are the perfect low carb treat for when you want to stay sugar-free during the Easter holidays. They're incredibly easy to make and come with three delicious centre filled options!

This recipe is extremely versatile and comes with 3 flavoured centre filling: peanut butter, solid dark chocolate or hazelnut chocolate. Either pick your favourite or instead, make your own Primal friendly centre filling!

Low carb easter eggs

While making your own low carb Primal Easter eggs may sound a little tricky, I promise you it's not! In fact, why not get the kids involved and make it a fun afternoon activity?

This recipe is incredibly easy to make and really requires only a few ingredients & your imagination for your favourite flavour centre. My advice? Get creative!

How to make your own Easter eggs

First of all, you're going to need a silicone Easter egg mould like this one. If time isn't on your side, then a mini muffin tray or mini cupcake holders should work just fine too (although, they won't be egg shaped of course).

Making your own Easter eggs couldn't be any easier. You'll simply layer your mould with chocolate, fill it with your chosen centre and then fill with more chocolate on top. Each layer will be hardened before moving onto the next layer by placing the moulds in the freezer for 10 minutes at a time.

Peanut butter filled low carb Easter egg

What chocolate should you use to make low carb Easter eggs?

If you want to make these Easter eggs low carb & Primal friendly, then you'll need to use a dark chocolate (at least 90% dark) with no added sugar. If you're new to dark chocolate and find it too bitter, start with an 85% dark chocolate - it'll be slightly less intense than 90%. Or, try adding 1 tsp stevia to your melted chocolate.

Chocolate is made from ground cocoa beans, which grow on cocoa trees in Central and South America. Most supermarkets have a variety of brands and strengths, but ideally, the closer we can get to 100%, the more beneficial the chocolate will be.

So whether you're a nut butter fan, Ferrero Rocher lover or simply adore a simple filled chocolate Easter egg, pick your favourite from below and have a delicious sugar-free Easter this year! Just make sure you opt for a natural peanut & hazelnut butter - it's always best to check the ingredients.

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Mini low carb chocolate Easter egg - Primal friendly

Low carb Primal Easter egg recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes

 Freeze Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 8-10 mini Easter eggs
150g dark chocolate above 90%
60g coconut oil
Peanut butter filling:
2 large heaped tablespoons natural peanut butter
Hazelnut chocolate filling:
2 large heaped tablespoons natural hazelnut butter with cacao
Begin by melting half of the dark chocolate and coconut oil together (30g coconut oil & 75g dark chocolate) in a small microwavable bowl. Melt in the microwave until melted in 30 second intervals.
Pour the chocolate into your Easter egg moulds to the halfway point of each moult (I use a mould with 8 mini Easter egg moulds which is 30 x 22.9cm). Once done, pop the mould in the freezer for 10 minutes to set. While you do this, also pop your peanut butter and hazelnut butter in the freezer too - this will help it harden slightly if it's too runny.
Once the first layer of the chocolate has hardened, remove from the freezer. Melt the other half of your chocolate and coconut oil together. Choose your filling and add 1/2 tsp to each egg mould and smooth out. Once you've added the filling to each mould, cover with the final layer of your chocolate. Place back into the freezer to harden for 30 minutes.
I recommend leaving your chocolates in the freezer until you're ready to enjoy!
Please note: measurements will vary based on the size of your Easter egg mould.