Eggs are a massive staple in our Primal diet and when it comes to breakfast, they're perfect for breaking the fast with. Especially when they're whisked into a chilli cheesy green egg scramble!

Egg recipes have become so versatile these days and when it came to creating this scramble egg breakfast recipe, I decided to get a little funky with three favourite ingredients of mine: chilli, cheese and green veg. Not only do these ingredients vamp up the flavour of the scramble eggs massively, but they also add additional nutrients to the dish. 

Whilst this recipe is low in carbs, it's still packed with protein and healthy fats thanks to the eggs and cheese. We all know eggs are good for us (well, I hope we do), but one question I always get asked is if we should consume the yolk of the egg. My answer? Yes, we should! 

You see, one large egg has roughly 186 milligrams of cholesterol - of which is found in the egg's yolk. Since dietary cholesterol was once thought to be the biggest cause of unhealthy blood cholesterol, the yolks have been torn apart in the media. However, that's far from the truth!

Scientists have now come to the conclusion that cholesterol in food isn't something we should fear. Instead, we should be more worried about the trans fats that we consume. Our bodies need cholesterol in meat and eggs to make testosterone, which helps increase our energy and helps to build our muscles. As well as that, whole eggs contain almost every essential vitamin and mineral our bodies need to function. So there you have it. Eggs are great for us! 

All in all, this chilli cheese green egg scramble breakfast recipe is a great way to start your day with, keep your blood sugar levels stable and get in essential vitamins and nutrients. 

Chilli Cheese Egg Scramble Breakfast Recipe

Serves: 2 people

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 7 minutes


5 large eggs

5 basil leaves finely chopped

6 spring onions thinly sliced

1 handful of cheddar cheese

2 handfuls organic spinach

Teaspoon butter

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tbsp chilli flakes


Begin by whisking the eggs in a bowl. Add the chilli flakes and salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

Heat a non-stick frying pan with butter on medium heat and once melted, add the spring onions. Cook until they soften (roughly 1-2 minutes). 

Add the spinach and basil leaves and cook. Once the greens start to soften, add the eggs and bring the pan to low heat. Using a spatula, move the eggs around into a scramble. Cook for 6-7 minutes or until you reach your desired scrambled egg texture. Halfway through, add the cheese and continue to move the eggs around.

Once cooked, remove from the heat and dig in!