When it comes to breakfast, it's safe to say that we all want a recipe that's quick and convenient and if it's not, we want something that we can at least prepare for the week ahead, right? Which is why we're bringing you 7 low carb breakfast recipes that are suitable for every day.

Primal Cauliflower and Bacon Omelette with Blackberry Salad

Whilst this may sound like a strange combination of flavours, it really is a recipe you need to try! We've taken the classic omelette recipe and created a twist of flavours. If sweet and savoury sounds like a bit of you, then we're pretty sure that you're going to enjoy this one. 

3-in-1 breakfast muffins

Primal 3-in-1 Breakfast Egg Muffins

One of our favourite recipes for on the go! Not only is this recipe pretty easy to whip up in the morning's, but it's ideal for meal prep and grabbing on the go. Plus, you get to choose from 3 delicious flavours! 

Berry nice primal oatmeal

Berry Nice Primal Oatmeal

Our Primal take on the classic oatmeal recipe - minus the grains! This recipe is crunchy, sweet, delicious and can be made the night before or on the day. In fact, a few of our Primal friends have previously tried making it on the hob and enjoyed it warm! Why not give it a go?

4 ingredient primal granola bars

4 Ingredient Primal Granola Bars

One of our favourite snack bars at Primal Cure, this recipe is definitely one not to be missed! We're often bombarded with store-bought nut bars when we go shopping, and although they look mouth-watering good, they can often be packed with sugar and other unnatural ingredients. So, with granola on our mind, we decided to give our very own granola bar recipe a whirl and hoorah, it's just as delicious as we hoped! But, don't just take our word for it, go and make it for yourselves! 

Primal Protein Acai Chia Parfait

Full of omega-3's, fibre and protein, this deliciously light breakfast recipe is perfect for every day. Simply make the night before, add in your favourite ingredients (it's extremely versatile) and enjoy at your breakfast table or on the go! 

Primal Coffee Banana Bread

Who doesn't love banana bread, right? Especially when it's grain-free and can be enjoyed as part of a Primal lifestyle. Although this is a popular dessert/snack recipe, we don't see why you can't enjoy a slice in the morning with a cuppa - particularly on the weekend! Mmmm, mmm. 

4 Ingredient Low Carb Protein Pancakes - Banana and Almond

A popular breakfast recipe for the kids (and big kids, too!), you can enjoy this recipe on the weekend AND the weekdays. How, you might be asking? Make the pancakes in advance, pop them in the freezer, take them out when you want some pancake fun and then pop them in the toaster to defrost! 

Thanks to the banana and almond in these pancakes, you'll be feeling full all morning and of course, getting in your all-important fibre and protein intake!