Are you looking to make your kids breakfast a little healthier? We've got you covered with 6 of our favourite Primal recipes for a quick, nutritious and healthy breakfast!

Recent studies have shown that children are increasingly consuming more than half of their sugar allowance from the first meal of their day - breakfast. Thanks to the misleading branding of supermarkets, it really doesn't surprise us that families are falling for labels that promote 'low fat', 'no added ingredients', 'high in protein' and other various slogans that are aimed to fool you into thinking that their products are healthy.

Which is why we feel so strongly about homemade breakfasts! Not only do you know what ingredients you're feeding your kids, but it promotes a healthy way of living for them moving forward in life. 

Berry Nice Oatmeal

We recommend making this the evening before for a super speedy breakfast that you can grab in the morning. Otherwise, if you have 10 minutes (or so) to spare in the morning, try cooking our berry nice oatmeal on the hob for a warm treat in the morning. Although our cooking method says to leave the nuts to soak overnight, a few of our readers have enjoyed our oatmeal heated up. Yum! 

4 Ingredient Primal Granola Bars

A treat loved by almost everyone, we can promise you that the kids will love these granola bars! Swap the store brought breakfast bars - which are mostly packed with sugar and bad fats - and instead, make your own at home. This is also a great way to encourage the kids to get involved and learn more about the foods they eat.


Primal Protein Acai Chai Parfait

If your kids are a fan of yoghurts, then we suggest trying our Primal protein acai chai parfait. While it may sound a little posh, it's really easy to make! We include a little protein in our yoghurt to help leave us feeling fuller for longer but you can always skip this. 

We do suggest, however, that you always opt for full-fat organic yoghurt. Not only does it contain good fat, but it'll keep your kids feeling fuller for longer whilst providing them with natural sweetness. 

Sticky Coconut and Nut Granola Bars

Similar to our 4 ingredient granola bars, these sticky coconut and nut granola bars are great for a quick breakfast too! Made from completely natural ingredients, you'll have a hard time believing that they're healthy! These ones are great for kids who have a super sugary sweet tooth as they're a little sweeter than the granola bars above. Saying that however, I don't think we could pick a favourite, so why not bake both recipes?! 

Nut N' Cluster Primal Granola 

Another granola recipe but all for good reason, trust us! We know just how much kid's love cereal for breakfast and therefore, we wanted to provide you with options that replicate a similar (but healthier) version. This granola recipe is perfect for those munchkins who love to sit down with a bowl of sweetness. Don't worry, it's still completely healthy and contains only natural ingredients. 

Coconut Primal Pancakes

Another breakfast loved by many kids out there. Our coconut primal pancakes make a great option (leave out the maca) - whether they're made on the day or prepped beforehand. To prep, we simply advise that you make these as you usually would and then pop them in the freezer. When you're ready to give your kids a tasty breakfast, simply get them out of the freezer and pop them in the toaster to defrost and warm up. A not-so-quick pancake recipe made quick for the mornings!