Sea Buckthorn – or more specifically the oil taken from the Sea Buckthorn plant – has a wide range of benefits. Most exciting of all, it has anti-inflammatory properties which may help to prevent cancer in the liver due to its cleansing properties. Research suggests it does this by reducing the effects of harmful aflatoxins in the organ.

The plant extract also has a range of benefits for the skin and hair, fighting fatigue, boosting the immune system and combatting both cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Sea Buckthorn oil contains four times more Vitamin C per 100g than an orange. It therefore serves to prevent wrinkles, sunburn, acne, eczema, skin ulcers and stretch marks. As a source of Omega-7s it reduces adrenal fatigue, removing nutrients which drain the body (such as sugar) and increases energy levels.

By fighting free-radicals with its antioxidant properties, Sea Buckthorn oil prevents infection by boosting the immune system. It does this by improving immunity function as it protects the body against infection and inflammation. Research also suggests these same antioxidant elements reduce blood cholesterol levels to prevent cardiovascular disease and may help maintain normal blood sugar levels to combat diabetes.

Interestingly, Sea Buckthorn has even been used to treat radiation sickness owing to its high antioxidant content. The Soviet government even administered its astronauts high doses during the space race in the 1960’s as they were at risk of radiation exposure.


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