It’s all well and dandy maxing out in the gym, keeping fit and exercising our muscles, lungs and heart, but if we’re not recovering the way we should be, then we’re probably doing more harm than good.

 You see, when we workout many factors take place and our body’s natural stores are depleted. After maxing out (find out more about this in our Primal Cure book) our muscles are torn and our glycogen stores are depleted due to the protein breaking down within our muscles. Because of this, it’s important that we help our body to recover and repair itself as much as it can. Poor recovery can lead to fatigue, sore muscles and a lack of energy.

 It’s typical to refuel your body within the hour after working out. This means you’re effectively putting everything back into your body that it needs and ultimately, rehydration should be your first priority. Second to this, supplements should be your second priority and here’s what we suggest at Primal Cure…

 Creatine HIIT

 Probably one of the most popular post (and pre) workout supplements on the market and there’s a reason why! Creatine is usually taken up to 60 minutes after a workout (or before) and can help fuel your muscles, increase physical performance and enhance the effect of resistance training on muscle strength.

 Creatine is comprised of several amino acids – L-Arginine, glucine and L-Methionine. It’s also a nitrogenous organic acid that naturally occurs by the body and comes from food sources. Other benefits of our Creatine HIIT supplement includes increased energy supplies (greater storage of creatine in the muscles), replenished ATP-PC system (you can lift heavier for longer) and increased muscle growth and protein synthesis. As well as that, your recovery time is improved as your lactic acid content is buffered by high Phosphocreatine stores. Hannah, our head of content, swears by Creatine HIIT after every workout.

 Gym buddy 4x (mixed with BCAA’s)

 Our Gym Buddy is loaded with 14 natural ingredients and is designed to help maximise your workouts. Included in our ingredients you’ll also find a mix of BCAAs with creatine. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are amino acids formed in 3 compounds: leucine, isoleucine and valine. Essential amino acids are the building blocks of muscle building protein and when working hard in the gym, these are essential for keeping our muscles in tip-top condition during recovery.

 Whilst our Gym Buddy is considered a great post-workout supplement, it is also a great pre-workout supplement. Thanks to the protein and amino acid complex, Gym Buddy helps to restore your energy systems quickly and allows you to lift heavier for longer. It also helps to improve muscle function, growth and fights fatigue whilst reducing muscle tiredness.

 Testo Pro 6x

 This one’s for the fella’s. Our Testo Pro is designed with a powerful blend of ingredients to help boost testosterone levels for overall improved performance. Increased testosterone levels are known to increase muscle size and strength in most healthy adults. With a blend of plant extracts and zinc, our testosterone boosting formula contributes to the maintenance of normal serum concentration.

 Nowadays, many athletes and regular gym goers combine together various supplements to help improve their performance – regardless of their recognised nutritional status. What we’ve done at Primal Cure however, is combined a blend of effective botanical extracts (that are featured in many nutritional dietary products recommended for athletes) and popped all of them into onepowerful supplement. 

 You can take Testo Pro anytime of the day however, thanks to some of the ingredients, taking them post workout isn’t a bad shout either.

 Vitamin C Effervescent

 Vitamin C contains high levels of antioxidants and these help to protect your immune system. Why is this important post-workout? Because, if you’ve just maxed out in the gym, then it’s likely that your body is currently under a bit of stress – whether it feels like it or not! Therefore, it’s a good idea to protect yourself against free radicals that your body may be producing.  We consider vitamin C to be a great and effective protein and with our vitamin C Effervescent tablets, you can pop them straight into your water bottle post-workout!  

 Protein – Meat, fish, legumes or homemade Primal protein bars!

 It wouldn’t be a post-workout post without including protein – one of the most important and muscle fuelling macronutrients you can consume after a Primal workout. 

 Consuming protein post-workout (and also pre workout according to some studies) is essential for tissue growth and repair. Since our body is continuously breaking down protein, we should make sure that our diet provides us with sufficient quantities. This helps to keep our muscles healthy and our energy levels up.

 Whether your protein comes from WHEY products, or from natural products such as meat, fish and legumes, it’s important to consider the consumption of protein to kickstart muscle repair, recovery and growth. Have a look at our blog for some delicious post workout meals. Our 4 ingredient protein pancakesare a favourite of ours, as well as our raspberry protein brownie bars.Yum!