Pomegranate, is a vibrant fruit that we’re all probably familiar with. One thing we all probably aren’t familiar with though is the fact that the peel is more beneficial to us than the fruit itself. Interesting, huh?

Recently, Chinese research has shown that the peel of the pomegranate has some amazing prospective as it contains up to double the antioxidants than the fruit pulp itself. So what health benefits can we expect to find from the delicious fruit? Pomegranate is most famous for it’s immune support, prevention of cancer, inflammatory response and it’s reduced risk of heart disease.

Pomegranate contains a polyphenol compound, ellagic acid, and it’s also been brought to our attention that this compound may have potential bioactivities which help prevent chronic diseases. You can find a very interesting study about that here which discusses in further detail how ellagic acid can decrease skin ageing and inflammation caused by UV-B irradiation.

Other health benefits of the pomegranate fruit include…

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