Carnitine is a natural fatty acid found in meat and dairy products which serves to produce cellular energy, specifically in the muscles. The Tartrate element of this compound simply aids absorption.

Increasing and replenishing the body’s Carnitine stores can lead to reduced muscle soreness, improved recovery and increased oxygen supply. This occurs because Carnitine helps the transport of fatty acids, aiding energy production from mitochondria where they can be used as fuel.

Aside from burning fat as a fuel source, Carnitine fights against fatigue by preserving glycogen and maintaining low levels of lactic acid. Evidence also indicates Carnitine helps metabolise carbohydrates as a fuel source, improves muscular recovery and blood flow by reducing oxidative damage to enhance energy levels during workouts. Carnitine may also help boost the hormonal response to exercise which produces testosterone, leading to improved strength and size, although such evidence is anecdotal.

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