L-Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that is important for many different bodily processes and provides many health benefits. It’s been known to provide treatment of cardiovascular disease due to its antiatherogenic, anti-ischemic, antiplatelet, and antithrombotic properties. It has also been promoted as a growth stimulant and has been used for erectile dysfunction in men.

L-Arginine HCL, on the other hand, is a synthetically manufactured form of arginine which combines the amino acid with a hydrogen chloride molecule. It can be used as either a powder or capsule. Many athletes nowadays use it to increase their oxygen allowance and blood flow. It’s also a very absorbed supplement which enhances it’s performance.

Athletes are also known to use L-Arginine HCL because of it’s abilities to help repair muscles and promote growth. This is because arginine, when ingested, stimulates the anterior pituitary gland and releases the human growth hormone. This in turn increases plasma levels of the human growth hormone which circulates throughout the body and provides it with many benefits such as the above. As well as that, L-Arginine can also help promote a healthy metabolism, help reduce body fat and maintain healthy (and functioning) heart and kidneys.

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