Korean ginseng, also known as ginseng root, is used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote yang energy, increase blood supply and to improve the body’s blood circulation. Korean ginseng is a stimulant, therefore it’s an energiser and can help restore vitality after illness and increase the body’s energy flow. Due to it’s stimulant properties it can also help interfere with the cycle of stress that the body can go through at times. Korean ginseng is a wonderful medicine for the modern lifestyle as it fights daily symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, stress and illnesses.

Korean ginseng is also commonly known as an immune booster. It’s antioxidant qualities protect the body from diseases and helps to boost the production of endorphins in the brain which can increase our mood. As well as that, many people use Korean ginseng for sexual benefits such as, improving erectile function, increasing testosterone, improving sperm count, regulation of the menstrual cycle and increasing libido.

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