Hydroxy methyl butyrate, also know as HMB, is naturally produced by the body and stimulates the production of proteins and inhibits muscle tissue breakdown. Scientifically speaking, HMB is a metabolite of the amino acid Leucine – the most effective BCAA for muscle growth – increasing muscle growth and size, strength, lean body mass, aerobic capacity and reducing muscle damage from exercise.

However, only 5% of all Leucine is converted into HMB, meaning the body only produces it in minute quantities of up to 0.3 grams per day on average. Whilst trace amounts are also found in certain foods – such as avocados, cauliflower and catfish – supplementing this effective compound allows us to intake more than ten times the amount we generate naturally.

It is even suggested that HMB may one day be used to combat cancer, as research indicates it reduces tumour growth.

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