Grape seed, also known as proanthocyanidins, is most popular for it’s use in the beauty industry and the effect it has on our skin, hair and nails as an oil. Overall, grapes are one of the most popular fruits however, many people miss out on the most important and beneficial part of the grape – the seeds – which are full of powerful antioxidants.

The seeds of the grape also contain a natural plant compound, oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (also known as OPCs). This compound is well known for it’s antioxidant activity which helps to destroy free radicals in the body and this ultimately helps to slow down ageing and avoid the risk of certain chronic diseases. As well as that, grape seed is massively used in skincare products as an oil to help with acne, skin scarring, skin redness, inflammation, dryness, skin balancing and of course, to help slow down ageing with it’s nourishing properties.

Grape seed in general though can provide our body with many benefits for our health, which may be the reason why it’s becoming increasingly popular amongst the health industry. Grape seed oil can also help protect our blood vessels from high blood pressure, increase blood circulation and keep our joints in tip top condition.

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