Chormuim Picolinate is commonly known for it’s use of treating type 2 diabetes and promoting the chances of weight loss. It’s a chemical compound sold as a nutritional supplement and is derived from chromium and picolinic acid. Whilst the body needs small amounts of chromium to produce glucose from insulin (a hormone that draws glucose into cells), it’s deficiency is rare and those more likely to be in a chromium deficiency are those on extreme long term diets. All in all, chromium regulates insulin by increasing the sensitivity of the insulin receptor in the body and this in turn helps to stabilise blood sugar and insulin. This then means that a healthy and maintained level of insulin leaves our bodies with a decreased chance of glucose being drawn into fat.

In 1989 a study took part which suggested that chromium picolinate may help promote weight loss and increase muscle mass. Once the study was published it then led to an increase of chromium picolinate supplement sales which made it the second most widely used supplement behind Ca2+ supplements.

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