Bitter orange, also known as seville orange, citrus aurantium and synephrine, is a plant. The peel, flower, fruit, fruit juice and even the leaf are all used to make the medicine that the plant is well known for. It’s been argued that bitter orange can help promote weight loss/improve appetite and since then, has been known for it’s popularity among dieters and athletes.  Whilst many studies lack to support the arguments that bitter orange is a great metabolism booster, many do say however that this ingredient can promote weight-loss simply by increasing the heart rate, improving oxidation rates, and even help promote weight loss when people aren’t exercising.

As well as that, it’s used to treat stomach upset, symptoms of colds, chronic fatigue syndrome and constipation. As you can see, it’s a great medicine for the stomach.

Synephrine (bitter orange) has also been studied for it’s benefits at lowering blood sugar levels, regulating fat levels in the blood to a healthy maintenance and maintaining a healthy heart and circulation. Those who suffer with sleep problems also use the medicine for it’s effects at improving their sleep pattern. You’ll also find bitter orange oil in some of the foods we eat such as marmalade, however it is a very strong tasting food and therefore, we’re more than likely not to get enough bitter orange in our daily diet.

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