Bamboo Shoots are a natural source of Silica. Used to preserve healthy hair, skin and nails, Silica is a combination of Silicon and Oxygen and is essential for bone growth.

Silica in Bamboo Shoots maintains the balance between calcium and magnesium in the body, aiding hormonal balance to improve bone mineralisation and prevent the onset of osteoporosis. It also boosts immunity and strengthens both the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Bamboo Shoot extracts top up Silica levels within Collagen (the connective tissue which makes up the skin), reducing sagging and improving moisture, thus reducing the signs of ageing. Silica also helps to fight acne by removing toxins in the blood which cause inflammation.

The same hormonal balance which aids strong bones also prevents hair from thinning.

In a nutshell, Silica found in Bamboo Shoots takes a range of nutrients to these peripheral areas of the body, assisting in growth and vitality.


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