"Primal Cure TV is part of the ever-growing health and lifestyle movement - Primal Cure, founded by entrepreneur and health guru Steve Bennett, founder of Gems TV."

We's absolutely thrilled to announce that our new channel, Primal Cure (Sky channel 670), launched last month and is a channel focused around health first and foremost. As well as this, it's actually the only dedicated 24-hour health channel on Sky TV. The channel and our products promoted as part of the programming are born out of the recently published lifestyle book - Primal Cure.

Our Primal Cure founder, Steve Bennett, comments: "The aim of Primal Cure TV is to educate people watching and to have a positive impact in the UK and beyond. Our heartfelt opinion is that too much conjecture clouds the public consciousness surrounding health, that corporate focused entities and misguided government objectives have a detriment to people's wellbeing."

Steve, and James Wells (General Manager for Primal Cure), present the channels programming. With both of them being experts in the fields of health and fitness, they're perfectly placed to host the daily topical debates and interviews on pressing issues that affect daily lives.

Steve comments: "We'll be discussing a range of different topics which plague society and are of interest to all, such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, mental health issues, Alzheimer's, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders and will be regularly featuring experts from these areas as guests for open and frank discussions."

James Wells, General Manager for Primal Cure, also added: "The range of Primal Cure products which are available to buy via Primal Cure TV and the Primal Cure website enable people to 'Live Life Naturally' and contribute to the health of our nation.

"The Primal Cure movement is also a social enterprise, whereby we provide malnourished children around the world with a vitamin or mineral they're deficient in for every supplement product we sell. The Primal Cure book is also not-for-profit, with all proceeds going to the Colourful Life Foundation, providing nutritional support to under-nourished children in disadvantaged areas."

You can find the Primal Cure TV channel on Sky 670. Come and join the Primal movement with us today!