Lose weight the healthy way with a gorgeous, fruity shot of natural goodness from SlimShotz

(And here's our Primal guarantee, if you don't feel the difference in 7 days we'll give you your money back.)

If you're looking to lose some weight, or need a little bit of help cutting back then look no further. SlimShotz from Primal Cure is here to help. And, what's more, if you don't feel a difference in seven days, we'll give you your money back. Primal Promise!

SlimShotz is the new all natural weight loss drink from us here at Primal Cure. And the best thing about it? It's actually effective and proven to help us lose weight unlike many of the other slimming products on the market. SlimShotz has been formulated and produced in the UK and - it really does work.


So what makes it so different to all those others that also claim they can help us lose weight?

Well my Primal friends, it all comes down to one magic ingredient. Glucomannan (or Gluco-K as we like to call it). Extracted from the Konjac plant, it's been clinically proven to aid weight loss. In fact, it's the only ingredient to be officially recognised by the EU Commission to contribute to helping us lose weight.


How does SlimShotz work?

This is where we get a bit scientific and dig a little deeper into the detail.

The ingredients in SlimShotz (i.e. Gluco-K) are proven to help improve health and at the same time help us shift the pounds.

In order to understand exactly how it works, let's first look into fibre.

As we all know, having sufficient fibre in our diet is important for our health. But, did you know there are actually two types of fibre (soluble and insoluble)? Insoluble (rough) fibre travels all the way through our digestive system and doesn't get processed. That being said though, it benefits our body as it promotes a healthy microbiome (the home of our friendly gut bacteria).

Soluble fibre (viscous) dissolves in water and is often formed into a gel-like substance. These are found in the walls of plant cells and have the ability to expand like a sponge. Glucomannan, is now regarded as the king of the viscous fibre and has a magical ability to absorb more than 50 times its weight in water!

When you take SlimShotz, followed by a sufficient amount of water, the Gluco-K starts to expand inside our stomach. As a result our senses start to make us feel fuller, in a satiated state, which triggers the hormone leptin. If we then go on to eat a meal about 30 minutes later, we end up eating less food as our brain already thinks its full. And because the Glucomannan has expanded, there's naturally less room for more food anyway!

And this is how SlimShotz works, by suppressing our appetite and ultimately making us eat less, which in turn helps us to lose weight.


What else do we need to know about the magic behind Gluco-K and SlimShotz?

100% Natural Weight Loss

Whilst there are many, many slimming products on the market, the majority of them contain artificial sweeteners and other man-made ingredients. Those of you who follow the Primal lifestyle will know how much more harm these can do than good and are a complete no-go when it comes to trying to lose weight, and keep it off.

This is where SlimShotz is different as it's 100% wholesome and completely natural. And it tastes utterly delicious! Using the plant based sweetener Stevia and cherry powder, the drink has a sweet taste but doesn't disrupt or spike insulin levels. And, each drink contains just 9 calories a time!

Loaded with Vitamin C

SlimShotz is loaded with vitamin C, which contributes to the normal functions of bones, teeth, cartilage, skin and blood vessels and the immune system during and after extreme physical activity. It also supports the normal function of the nervous system and metabolism and helps the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Formulated with Zinc

SlimShotz has also been formulated with zinc, which contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and maintenance of normal hair, skin and nails. It also supports our cognitive function and metabolism of fatty acids. 

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Trials of Gluco-K have also clinically proven that more than 4g of the ingredient (and by the way, the recommended 3 servings of SlimShotz provides way more than that) contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. According to WebMD "it may also slow the absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the gut, helping to control sugar levels in diabetes, and reducing overall cholesterol levels."


Inulin has been part of the human diet for centuries and can be found in many fruits and vegetables, including bananas, leeks, artichokes, asparagus and onions. And just like Glucomannan, is a soluble fibre that expands in water. The inulin we use in SlimShotz is extracted from the roots of the chicory plant and has significant, and scientifically proven health benefits. As yet, these haven't been approved by the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) so we can't disclose these. But, what we do know is that it's a great prebiotic and a perfect food to feed our friendly bacteria. Whilst there are no EFSA claims established for inulin, there is evidently good reason why there are over 150 inulin supplements already on the market in the UK.


If you'd like to try SlimShotz for yourself, why not check out our SlimShotz page where you can find out more.

And don't forget our Primal Promise - if you don't feel differently within seven days, we'll give you your money back.