So that's it folks. I've decided to finish my zero carb liquid only week on day 6. I've realised that a whole week isn't possible for me to go without solids. So I've decided that because I ate yesterday, that I'd call off the experiment a day or so early. Plus my local beach restaurant has a lot of great Primal foods on the menu and it's just too difficult to not be social with friends and family. That said you can still make savvy choices when you go out for a meal and most restaurants are more than happy for you to ask for a few tweaks (i.e. no chips but double the goodness with the green veg!).

Whilst I've not done the whole seven days, I am still incredibly proud of what I've achieved over the last few days and can't wait to do another liquid only week very soon.

I've lost an incredible half a stone in such a short amount of time, which goes to show that fasting isn't bad for us and it actually does work as it speeds up that metabolism. The key take away here is that probably 3 - 4 days is the absolute maximum as our bodies start to shut down after this as it thinks that no food can be found. But nevertheless, it's been such as incredible experience and one I will most definitely be doing again.

Check out my recap video update below and my final thoughts on my zero carb liquid only week.

Final Results

Weight: 13 stone 4 pounds (a total of 7 pounds lost in total over the last few days! I am so proud and amazed at this, so I don't feel bad about finishing a day or so early.)


Final Thoughts

Going without solids and zero carbs for four days works great for me. My weight falls off and I feel fab! Then I hit a wall and need to put solids back into my diet. The hypothesis for this, as I wrote in the Primal Cure book, is that throughout history our hunter gatherer forefathers, if they didn't catch or find food one day, would then need a faster metabolism the next day to increase their energy to help them find food. But at some point, after a few days, the body must give up the hunt and must say something like "I have to shut down and reserve my energy" - at this point the metabolism drops of a cliff and our bodies cling on to our reserves. 

So that's it - me done! I'm off to enjoy the last few days in Portugal with my friends and family and the glorious sunshine.

Thanks so much to everyone who's been following my journey and for all your support and words of encouragement!

Until next time my Primal friends.