Day one of my zero carb liquid only week is done and dusted! I had a great day yesterday - full of energy and despite not consuming any solids, I didn't feel hungry at all. That, in part was down to the SlimShotz, which because of the fibre in there, helped me to feel fuller for longer.

So now we're on to day two.

I've had a great quality night sleep, despite only having 6 hours in total (just slightly less than the recommended 7 - 9 that we should be getting). I still feel incredibly energised though and ready for day two.

Better still, I've managed to drop 3 pounds in a day. What a great result so far!

Have a look at my day two video update to see what's in store for me today. I've also put down my intake for the day too - check it out below.

Results after Day One

Weight: 13 stone 7.2 pounds (that's a 3 pound weight loss in 24 hours - yippee!)


Overview of the Day



  • Cup of black coffee


  • 1/2 litre of water


  • Black coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil



  • 8g psyllium
  • 1/2 litre of water


  • Took 2g of vitamin C
  • Second SlimShotz for the day
  • 2 glasses of water


  • Cup of green tea


Tune back in tomorrow for day 3 of my zero carb liquid only journey and to see how I've done today and if there's been a shift in those pounds again.

And, if you missed yesterday's post, no need to worry - you can check it out here.

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