So here we go then. Into day four of my zero carb liquid only week. 

This has definitely turned out to be a great experience. And to top it off I'm down 7 pounds in just 72 hours! That's almost impossible but what a result. I think in part it's most likely down to the fact that I had over eaten during the weekend before I started. I'd been to a corporate hospitality lunch and dinner, then Fathers Day celebrations in my dads favourite Indian restaurant where my dad ordered for the whole family and we had a lot of extremely high carb rubbish! My body must have been going through hell so it's no wonder the weight is now falling off as I get back to a normal routine.

But, back to day four and I'm really on it now. I'm still full of energy and feeling good. Check out my video update below and how I got on during the day.


Results after Day Three

Weight: 13 stone 3.4 pounds

This is unbelievable! And practically almost impossible but I'm now 7 pounds lighter in just 72 hours of consuming zero carbs!


Overview of the Day


  • Mixed 20g organic whey protein with 8g psyllium
  • 1 litre of water
  • Took all supplements with 2g of Primal Cure effervescent vitamin C drink


  • Cup of black coffee with tablespoon of coconut oil


  • 1/2 litre of water


  • Cup of black coffee


  • 2g of vitamin C


  • 2 x SlimShotz
  • 1 litre of water



Yes, my beautiful wife decided we needed to take a few days out with our little one Louie and our good friends and our goddaughter so this afternoon we flew out to Portugal! Same gorgeous weather as the UK but at least with a bit of air conditioning the kids will sleep better!

Remainder of the day

  • Lots of water and a glass of wine (little bit naughty but I'm with friends watching the sunset so it's got to be done!)


Four whole days with no solids and I think I might be hitting a bit of a wall now. But I'm determined to keep going to try and see the week out. 

I'll be back tomorrow with an update!