Day five my Primal friends! Who else has that Friday feeling?! I certainly have, but I think waking up this morning in Portugal has helped I won't lie! But, we're having a great time. Spending quality time with friends and loved ones and enjoying this incredible weather.

But, this is where the zero carb liquid only week is getting a little bit tricky. Plus, I've forgotten to bring my psyllium with me and I'm relying on my SlimShotz (thankfully I've brought plenty with me) to keep me full.

Day four went well, although I did have a cheeky glass of wine while we watched the sunset. But even still, my weight has dropped ever so slightly again which is great.

That being said, I'm starting to feel a little bit sluggish today. As I spoke about in the Primal Cure book (and as I'll speak about a little in my video update below), when we skip meals, contrary to popular belief and brainwashing, our metabolism actually speeds up! When our body believes there's no food to be found, normally after 3 or 4 days, it's starts to shut off and shut down and our metabolism inevitably starts to slow down. For me though, this seems to be happening on day five - so a little longer than normal which is a great feeling. It could also have something to do with the psychological impact of the fact that I know I'm going to be having something to eat with my friends later today.

You can watch my video update and read more about my day below.

(And don't forget that if you want to catch up on the week, my entire video diary is available on the Primal Cure YouTube channel)

Results on Day Five

Weight: 13 stone 3.2 pounds (only a very small loss but still a loss nevertheless and I'm still happy with that!)


Overview of the Day


  • Short 20 minute workout but feeling really sluggish
  • Have 2 x SlimShotz (I need the fibre as I've forgotten my psyllium husk) and lots of water which quietens my hunger hormone


  • Still feeling sluggish so decide to have some solids - spicy chicken wings for a starter (these may have a few carbs in the sauce but not 100% certain) and then steak with loads of greens!

So I went for 4 and a half days without any solid food or carbs and I felt great all the way through. I actually got more and more energy up until the end of yesterday and then seemed to have fallen off a cliff. Which is exactly how I describe it in Primal Cure.

Later that evening

  • Had a SlimShotz to see if I could avoid having any more solids but 2 hours later I'm still feeling hungry so I have a handful of peanuts and two spoons of coconut oil in a coffee


Ending the evening thinking that I might have to call off the experiment slightly earlier than planned but will call it a day for now and see how I feel in the morning.