Thanks to its antioxidant properties, resveratrol has become popular due to it's many health benefits. But what is it really and what is resveratrol used for? In this article we explain everything there is to know about this natural plant compound...

What is resveratrol?

First things first, let's clear up one of the most common questions when it comes to resveratrol... what is it? Resveratrol is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols and can be found in red wine, red grape skins, dark berries and even peanuts. Like most antioxidants and phytonutrients, resveratrol is a powerful compound that regenerates the body.

Today, resveratrol is believed to be one of the most potent polyphenols and perhaps the strongest protecter when it comes to natural ageing and free radical damage. Plants that produce revesatrol help protect the body against stressors within the environment, including radiation, certain insects, injury and infections.

What is resveratrol used for?

Research published over the past several decades show that resveratrol decreases the risk of heart disease among other common health concerns. And while this may be on of the most studies benefits of resveratrol, there are many other reasons why people are choosing to consume resveratrol daily...

1. Anti-aging properties

Thanks to its wonderful antioxidant properties, resveratrol helps to neutralise free radicals produced everyday. These free radials can be anything from your eating and moving habits to even environmental factors too.

Free radicals can lead to damage within the body's cells and may even cause certain diseases later on in life. Therefore, protecting your body with an antioxidant like resveratrol can help protect your body as you age.

2. Supports cardiovascular health

Recent studies have suggested that resveratrol can offer protection against thickening of the arteries, high LDL, blood clots and myocardial infraction and in turn, support cardiovascular health.

3. May be of benefits to those with diabetes or pre-diabetes

Previous animal studies have been able to demonstrate how resveratrol can help to reduce hyperglycaemia while also being able to prevent/treat diabetes. The results from the study show that resveratrol holds great potential to treat diabetes and would be useful to support conventional therapy, thanks to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

One of the great benefits of resveratrol (and one of the reasons why we love it so much) is its ability to help manage insulin levels, which can both be beneficial for those with diabetes and prediabetes.

4. Helps protect the brain & mental health

Unlike other antioxidants, the antioxidants found in resveratrol can cross the blood-brain barrier to help protect the brain. Current clinical trials have demonstrated that resveratrol reduces levels of amyloid-beta in cerebrospinal fluid and improves cognitive function in people with Alzheimer's disease.

Preclincial models of cognitive decline also showed that resveratrol displays potent antioxidant activity by scavenging free radicals, reducing quinone reductase 2 activity and upregulating endogenous enzymes. 

5. Supports the body from free radical damage

Like other antioxidant supplements, Resveratrol has been known as a free radical scavenger. Free radicals are compounds that can occur in the natural world and cause havoc with your body and health, mostly caused by pollution, sunlight exposure, or even our bodies natural burning of fat.

Free radicals can lead to disease, cancers, ageing or even brain damage.

How does resveratrol work?

Resveratrol works by inhibiting the activation of microglia that leads to the release of various pro-inflammatory factors, while also promoting other positive health benefits for blood circulation, hormone production and fat storage.

This particular study suggests that resveratrol also positively alters gut microbiota and influences stem cell proliferation and differentiation, keeps circulation flowing smoothly, lowers insulin levels (especially important for diabetes) and limits the body's ability to produce sphingosine kinase and phospholipase D, two molecules known to trigger inflammation.

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