With the recent rise of probiotics, and our very own probiotic range running full steam ahead, it's no wonder why people are wondering when the best time to take probiotics may be.

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you'll probably have heard by now how important gut health is for your overall well-being. If not, then we're here to tell you that probiotics (healthy bacteria) play a massive role in keeping your gut health in tip-top condition. 


Probiotics are pretty useful when it comes to helping our gut digest food, destroying microorganisms that may promote disease and producing vitamins. You see, our body naturally produces both good and bad bacteria. However, if these become unbalanced (aka if we have more bacteria than good) then all kinds of havoc can take place and it may be a pretty good idea to start supplementing your diet with a good ol' probiotic. 

Thanks to their impactful benefits, many of us are now consuming probiotics as part of a healthy diet. Of course, this is fantastic news, however, most of us are consuming them at the wrong time of day and yes, this really does make a pretty big difference in how they impact our digestive system! 

The best time to take Probiotics 

We don't blame you if you thought your daily probiotic should be taken alongside your favourite multivitamin (really we don't)! However, many experts and studies suggest that this is not the correct time to pop your probiotic. Instead, we should be taking it later on in the day so the organisms have enough food, water, and warmth to survive off and more importantly, to multiply. 

You see, taking a probiotic first thing in the morning is pretty pointless due to the conditions of the gut. Simply put: there is not enough food or water for the bacterial strains to flourish. As well as this, your stomach is also incredibly acidic in the morning and on average, will only have a pH balance of two. What does this mean for your gut loving probiotic? It means that it's hard for it to survive and make it through the stomach to the intestines - where they work their magic and restore your gut to good health!

Many people aren't aware that the biggest danger for probiotics is the powerful acids in the digestive system, and unfortunately, if enough acid overpowers the coating of the probiotic capsule, it could kill the strains which are extremely delicate. 

So when should you take probiotics? Believe it or not, we recommend taking them later on in the day with a meal. To ensure the strands survive the stomach, you'll need to make sure that your stomach has plenty of warmth from food and water. Therefore, the later on in the day - when your stomach is full - the better. A full stomach also provides the probiotic with protection which again, is important for the strands to survive and multiply once they're in the gut.

According to this study, probiotics taken with a meal (or even 30 minutes within) survived much better than those taken 30 minutes after a meal. The study also states that probiotics taken with a good amount of healthy fats also had the greatest survival rates - which shouldn't be a problem if you're following a Primal diet! 

Primal's Powerful Bio-Tract Technology 

At Primal Cure, we strongly believe that you should only take the best of the best. Which is why our powerful probiotic contains 6 BILLION colony forming units that get transported to your gut via BIO-tract technology. Our patented probiotic tablets deliver up to 15 times more friendly bacteria to your intestines than capsules, powders or probiotic drinks. 

The only company we found that could make such a powerful Probiotic was in the USA, so this one of very few products not created in the UK.