Myo-inositol is a vitamin-like compound, closely associated with the B vitamins, and with growing association to help among insulin resistance. In this article, we highlight the benefits myo-inositol has on diabetes...

Why do people take myo-inositol?

Naturally found in heart and brain tissues, our body can only produce inositol from glucose alone, but some people choose to supplement with it because of its association with hormone insulin behaviour. It's also involved in many biological processes such as growth and survival of cells, development and function of peripheral nervous, osteogenesis, reduction of LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides and increase of HDL-cholesterol.

Myo-inositol and diabetes

In a pilot study published in the International Journal of Endocrinlogy, research looked at the metabolic effects of taking a combination of myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol in both male and female participants with type 2 diabetes. Participants took inositols twice a day while also following a low GI diet.

After 3 months of use, participants saw a significant reduction in their fasting glucose and Ha1c levels. Even better, nobody reported any side effects. The researchers concluded:

"As an effective insulin sensitizer, inositol could represent a possible alternative to metformin or pioglitazone that are typically used as insulin sensitizer glucose-lowering drugs, when their use is not possible (i.e., metformin intolerance, drugs contraindications)"

This study also evaluated whether myo-inositol may improve some features of metabolic syndrome in postmenopausal women. Over the course of six months, 80 women found that 4 grams of inositol taken per day improved insulin sensitivity, blood pressure and cholesterol levels more than a placebo.

Further research also highlights how women with gestational diabetes benefited from taking inositol for insulin sensitive and blood sugar control.

Myo-inositol supplement

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