Steve Bennett's Healthy Morning Routine

I like to believe that the way we start our day has the power to determine how we spend the rest of it. As humans, our willpower and motivation is greater in the morning, which is why I believe it's so important to implement a healthy morning routine into our day in order to stay on top of both our health & lifestyle goals.

This week I want to share with you all my simple, yet effective morning routine which helps me stay healthy and most importantly, on top of my Primal lifestyle. Typically, and as a father of 7, I begin each morning at 6.30 to squeeze in my morning habits before the school run, but now that we're in our third national lockdown (and with the kids out of school), my morning's have been starting a little later...

Steve Bennett's healthy morning routine

7/7.15am - Wake up, hydrate & move my body. I'll usually either go for a walk (this is a great way to start the day as we expose our bodies to natural daylight), or hit the gym for 30 minutes.

For me, moving my body in the morning is important because 1) it helps me achieve one of my most important goals first thing (which I'm less likely to achieve in the evenings), and 2) research shows that working out in a fasted state can offer better benefits for fat burning and insulin sensitivity. 

8/8.30am - Once I've moved my body, I'll then prepare some eggs or something similar for the kids (I fast in the mornings through to the evenings) and whilst I do that, I then take my morning supplements (check out this blog post here to find out what they are) while drinking my favourite vitamin C drink which I don't go a day without.

Why eggs rather than cereal? Well, if you've read my book, The Primal Cure, then you'll know that cereal is completely and utterly filled with sugar & absolutely nothing beneficial for the body. If you ask me, we should be fuelling our kids with vitamins, minerals and protein for the day ahead, rather than sugary rubbish which will only result in a sugar crash an hour or so later.

Eggs are incredibly nutritious and just one single egg contains vitamin A, D, B5, B12, B2, phosphorus, selenium, folate, calcium and zinc. They also contain 6g of protein and 5g of healthy fats, both of which help leave you feeling fuller for longer.

9am - Once the kids are fed & I've taken my morning supplements, I'll then crack on with work.

As you can see, my morning routine consists of 3 healthy habits: movement, supplementation & taking care of my family with good, nutritious food.

A healthy morning routine doesn't need to be packed full of endless goals to complete, but rather a solid baseline that helps set you up for the day ahead.

It not only allows you to assert your own authority over the day, but it'll help you take charge of your work/life balance too. Too many of us start our days on auto-pilot, but what would happen if you started investing in your morning by picking 2 or 3 things to do that could positively impact the rest of your day?

When you start leading with your own wellbeing & health in mind, your actions over time can effect a powerful movement in your personal sense of productivity and self-fulfilment.

What would a healthy morning routine look like for you? Don't forget you can always join my 49-day challenge, Health Reset, to learn more about a Primal lifestyle and finally start taking control of your health for the better.

With Health Reset, rather than fighting your hormones, we teach you how to partner them and rewire your Primal instincts. The Reset changes your relationship with food, so that you never feel you are giving anything up. Instead it changes the foods you desire and crave. This facilitates a feeling of true freedom, happiness and adds life to your years.

So, what do you think?

Try it tomorrow and let me know how you get on.

Steve Bennett

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  • Last week I finished my Health Reset and I want to say Thank You. Excellent presentation, very informative, logical and clear, encouraging and inspirational to follow. Challenging learning course if one is ambitious to absolutely learn every detail, which I recommend. I’ve learned more from Health Reset than from my doctor! There are decisions I took instinctively and sometimes against the doctor’s advice and it was so reassuring to see those reinforced by your presentation. I started the HR in January and after 49 days I lost 4kg and have more energy feel great and fit into my beautiful clothes. One of my friends that I recommended the Health Reset asked me if I wasn’t tired when fasting. So I realised that this is one false fear that some people have that by eating less they will have less energy. I move faster and feels like I barely touch the ground when walking. The difference between Baloo and Mowgli. Thank you Steve Bennett and looking forward to the new informative live-changing articles. MV

    Marilena Volosinovici
  • Health Reset is a blessing. I knew I needed to lose weight but just could not find the oomph to make the first step. I am in my last week of the 49 days of the programme and I have lost almost 3 stone. Yes, you heard that right. I have turned my eating habits 360 degrees with the help and advice of both written and recorded forms. I eat regularly and eat the correct, life-giving foods. I take some of Primal vitamins. I feel alive. Thank you.

  • Health reset has been brilliantly researched and am completely sold.Am doing the course for health reasons.For years have thought that if I didn’t have to eat then would be ok (rheumatoid,Osteoarthritis also IBS after 1of 8 rheumatology drugs).Excellent work like every task you undertake am in complete agreement !
    Am planning to obtain ingredients in spite of shielding until the end of March.Thank you so much!

    Joyce Haines

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