By now, most of us will know that gut health is key for a healthy body. In fact, scientific research suggests 90% of all known illnesses can be traced back to an unhealthy gut.

In this week's article, Primal Living's Founder, Steve Bennett, discusses the importance of probiotics for ultimate gut health, and why almost everyone should consider a probiotic for certain times in their lives...

The Importance Of Gut Health

Our bodies are not just single living individuals, but thriving ecosystems comprised of 100 trillion microscopic creatures living and working in and on us. Only 10% of our cells contain any human DNA! The other 90% is made up of bacteria, fungi and microflora - our microbiome.

A lot of today's research into the human body and how it functions now focuses on the importance of our microbiome. While these tiny creatures exist all over our body, inside and out, it is primarily their accumulation in our gut that has the biggest impact on our health. Getting the varieties of microbes in our gut balanced is now believed, by cutting-edge science, to have positive effects on all aspects of our health. From weight control to a healthy heart, from food metabolism to a good memory, the bacterial army in our gut affects not just our health, but also our mood, emotions and behaviour.

When it comes to our health, happiness and longevity, our gut is responsible for far more than we may ever know. We must be mindful to ensure we give it the true care and respect it deserves by listening carefully to our bodies.

Antibiotics and major infections can cause complete wipeouts to the colonies living in our gut, but medicines, stress, poor sleep, poor diets and mild illnesses can all knock our microbiome ecosystem off balance too.

While some species are completely wiped out, one strand (firmicutes) seems to feed on disaster - and either avoids being exterminated, or are very quick to regroup after a big environmental event. Firmicutes are the bacteria that make us fat by rinsing every last calorie out of the food we eat. While firmicutes survive, overall diversity is greatly reduced, and some species never return. This imbalance is known as dysbiosis.

Probiotics & Gut Health

Probiotics are simply live bacteria that help support and take care of your microbiome. They can either be found in certain foods or supplements, although it's important to stress that most probiotic food products (yoghurts, etc) are often paired with other harmful ingredients and are no way near strong enough or powerful enough than supplement probiotics.

When our gut becomes unbalanced (dysbiosis), it's important to rectify symptoms such as bloating, stomach upset, excessive wind, constipation, diarrhoea and even low mood. That's where probiotics in supplement form come in for ultimate gut health. They help to correct balance in the gut and restore digestive health by feeding it with the right beneficial bacteria daily. Here are a few signs you might need probiotics...

  • You have irregular bowel movements
  • Your sugar cravings are hard to control
  • You suffer from excessive bloating and gas
  • Your metabolism is slow
  • You've taken antibiotics in the past year
  • You're taking certain mediation that can interfere with the gut
  • You suffer from skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis
  • You suffer from low mood, anxiety and/or depression

Primal Living's High Quality Probiotic

Here at Primal Living, we've worked with leading experts in the probiotic field to develop the powerful blend behind Primal probiotics, discovering strands of bacteria, which are believed to have the most beneficial effect on the gut.

It's a well-known fact that most live probiotics found in tablets, capsules and even probiotic-rich foods such as natural yoghurt, don't survive the acid in our stomach and therefore very few of them make their way to the gastrointestinal tract to deliver their goodness. To overcome this obstacle, Biotract® (a patented solution), has been designed to protect the supplement's probiotics from gastric acid, while providing optimal release of live organisms throughout the digestive tract.

Compared to most probiotics sold in the UK, we are by far one of the most affordable brands.

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