I am often asked to sum up my advice on a healthier, more Primal way of living and to be honest, I sometimes struggle to keep it brief. People ask for a quick answer and then find I am still talking 30 minutes later! So, I decided to attempt to write my complete approach in just 1,000 words (that’s about a 4 to 5 minute read for most people).

Let me introduce to you 'LEON THE LIAR' who will tell you the truth! By the time you have read this week’s Healthier Britain blog I hope you will have more confidence in your actions, a mindset on your side, and will finally be able to get the results that really matter to you.

LEON THE LIAR – The Truth About Health in 1000 words

Let me explain how to reach or exceed your health potential. If you follow these 1,000 words you will finally discover the truth about what it means to really be healthy. Why do we need LEON THE LIAR in our life? Consider these three highly covered-up worrying facts:

  • The onslaught of fast and packaged food with their highly addictive ingredients, has created a tsunami of obesity and chronic illness whereby today the average adult in Great Britain is 2.5 stone (16kg) heavier than adults were in 1966! 
  • An adult male living in Britain today has a life expectancy lower than those who were alive in the 1870’s - a period where over farming lead to a surplus of real food, which was available to all classes.  
  • 1 in 2 people alive in Britain today will at some point tragically develop cancer, a 20-fold increase in less than 100 years!

How do you live healthier, happier and for longer? How do we meet or exceed your health potential? You must first accept that we have little evolved since our primal ancestors and then optimise your lifestyle, environment and nutrition to the fundamental needs of the human body. 

Let me introduce you to 'L.EO.N T.H.E  L.I.A.R' –three simple health acronyms to remember.


In Britain we need to better realign the way we live with the fundamental biological requirements of the human body. Evolution is a slow process, and we have not yet evolved to eat the food-like-substances we currently eat, to be sedentary or to deal with our modern-day toxic environment. 

L.E.O.N principles are foundations for living healthier for longer and to support you in reaching or exceeding your potential. 

1. (L)ifestyle 

We need to optimise our happiness, sleep, exercise and more. When it comes to exercise, it is important to stress you can’t out-run a poor diet. While exercise is extremely beneficial, if you exercise to keep your weight under control, it is your diet that is wrong. 

For exercise, there are 4 pillars. We call it M.A.R.S...

Movement – simply try and avoid being sedentary and get up and move more often. 

Aerobic, try and regularly do things that make you short of breath; even just a fast paced walk.

Resistance – try and incorporate some resistance training into your weekly routine. 

Stance, be mindful of how you both sit and stand.

2. (E)nvironment 

Wherever possible avoid toxins. Such as chemicals in beauty products, potions, lotions, and pesticides in food. You may also need to radically change the relationship you have with technology (it may fry your mind in more ways than one). 

3. (O)ptimal (N)utrition 

Eat natural foods, only those that the human body expects you to consume. 

Eat a human diet. Eat natural fats but avoid man-made oils. Avoid ultra-processed foods. If you are trying to lose weight, restrict carbohydrates. Eat meats from animals who have lived in their natural habitat, it is not only good for our health, but good for our planet’s health too. 

Eat only the food your great grandparents would recognise as food. And, as the soil is no longer the soil it once was, to optimise your nutrition and provide your body with what it needs to reach your potential, you will now need to take supplements appropriately.


(T)he. (H)appiness. (E)nvelope

And here is the really great news. The conclusion - and it’s so exciting – the more primally you live, the more you embrace L.E.O.N. You will finally have so much more control over your health, happiness and both your longevity and that of our planet than you could ever imagine. 

And if things aren’t currently going all that well for you, your health turnaround can be truly rapid, with most L.E.O.N followers often seeing real gains in as little as 21 days. Which leads us to The Happiness Envelope. 

In your mind, each morning open up your Happiness Envelope. Look inside and see what you can find to be happy about for that day. Even when life is tough, you will normally find something in the envelope, even if its hiding in the corner. Find something to be grateful for. After all, gratitude is a great place to live. Once you find it, let your mind expand on it and then forward The Happiness Envelope on to others.


For the health conscious person, we live in the most confusing period in human history. There is so much misinformation and different opinions, often from so called experts, most of which originates from fact that around just ten gigantic food companies control the vast majority of food consumed in Britain. And these goliaths are driven solely by corporate wealth and not consumer health. 

If it comes in a packet or has a label, you can be confident it has been engineered for addiction and manufactured for overeating. With the profits gained from producing cheap chemically infused, heavily marketed (brainwashing) foods, these institutions employee huge armies, with vast amounts of cash to lobby and confuse the truth about health and illness. 

Beat the health lies, by being the better LIAR! 

(L)earn – With all this conflicting advice, it is important to spend time researching and educating yourself. While lifestyle and environment are important, start by focusing on food and try and discover for yourself what you think the human body is designed to eat. One bit of advice - follow the logic and not the money.

(I)nspire – Once you have learnt something, find ways to get inspired. Look for success stories and even set yourself some small goals in order to gain small wins in return.

(A)ction- Once you have learnt new things and been inspired, put your new learning in to action. Remember you can’t score goals without first taking a shot. 

(R)eflect/Repeat – There are so many things to unlearn and then relearn. Once you have tried something, reflect on your outcomes and repeat those that work for you. And yes, remember good health is about the journey, not a destination, it is a lifestyle not a fad diet.

Customer Feedback of the Week

I received this email from Evelyn two days ago. I then got in touch with her congratulated them both on their amazing success and wished her well on the challenging journey she is on. She kindly said that she was happy for me to share it with you…

"Hi Steve

I just wanted to thank you again for your amazing Health Reset programme. Me and my hubby took the plunge back in February and have lost 3 stone each and inches from everywhere.

The other reason why I am writing to you is as a result of the weight loss I found a lump in my breast which was cancer, I probably wouldn't have found it with the extra weight I had. 

Thankyou again forever grateful, you are so inspirational. I know what you are going to say, it's the fact I bought and did the reset why what's happened has happened. But if it wasn't for YOU bringing this knowledge to us then who knows where I'd be now!!!

Love to you and your family xx


What Made Me Happiest This Week

Simply being at the school gates, only a few people wearing masks, the 2 meter distance markers gone and feeling that life is somehow slowly coming back to normal. Plus seeing my little boy growing in confidence and returning to school without the previous upset. 

Recipe Of The Week

Poke Bowl

The easiest way to describe this dish is sushi in a bowl. The first time I made it, was when I ran out of Nori seaweed sheets while making sushi, and had to create something else with the ingredients. It is now a regular in my home and  I like to create it with sushi grade tuna, but you could make an equally wonderful dish with salmon.

You'll need:

  • Cauliflower 
  • Tuna
  • Avocado 
  • Red cabbage
  • Red onion 
  • Lemon
  • Sesame oil
  • Rice wine
  • Dried onion

For the full recipe and method, make sure you download our Primal Living app and find the recipe (and hundreds more) on there.

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