With the horrifying fact that 3.2 million deaths a year are related to physical inactivity, we're here to help you move more at work. 

Despite exercising a little every day, we're now being told that an hour's worth of physical activity isn't enough when it comes to living a healthier and longer life. Scarily, sitting down at work all day can shave years off our lives. Despite this fact, many of us are still guilty of sitting down for 8 hours a day, heading home from work and then slouching on the sofa for the rest of the evening. 

So, to help keep you fit, healthy and active, we've put together a few key ideas to help keep you moving more at work...

Stand up

The key to remembering to stand up frequently? Setting an alarm for every half hour/hour! Once your alarm goes off, walk around the office a little (roughly 2 minutes) and then sit back down. Not only does this break up your screen time, but it keeps your muscles active and reduces sitting time. 

Go outside on your lunch break

Unless it's pouring down with rain, there really is no excuse to getting outside on your lunch break. Take your headphones with you and get outside! Even if it's for 15 minutes. You may find that walking for 15 minutes per day can help you reach 10,000 steps a day. 


Stretching is seriously underrated and is hugely beneficial when it comes to keeping your muscles active and relaxed during your daily work and life schedule. In fact, you don't even have to get out of your seat! Although, it probably wouldn't hurt - huh? Give these exercises a go next time you require a break (we suggest every hour/hour and a half).  

Take the stairs

Most offices these days have stairs and although it may not seem like much, taking the stairs several times a day really can add up to a lot more steps in a day! If, however, your office doesn't have any stairs. Take the longer route to your next meeting! 

Sit on a balance ball

Balance balls can drastically improve your posture when sitting at a desk all day. As well as that, swapping your desk chair for a balance ball will help keep your core engaged and keep them working throughout the day.

Park away from the office

Admit it, we're all a little lazy when it comes to parking close to the shops and offices. But to increase your daily steps and to keep you active, try parking further away. If time is a problem, then set your alarm a little earlier so you can get in those extra steps! 

Go for a few hill sprints on your lunch break

If your workspace has access to a shower/wash basin, then there is no reason why you can't swap your lunchtime walk for hill sprints instead. Not only will it add more steps to your day, but you'll also burn a lot more calories doing so. Why hill sprints? They're a part of our Primal exercises approach - MOMMS (Max Out, Move More, Sprint).

Drink more to increase toilet breaks

Two in one! Not only do you end up drinking more water with this method, but you're also moving more too. We challenge you to drink a glass of water every hour. Think you'll forget? Set another alarm and keep at it!