It’s no surprise to hear that plastic pollution is killing our planet. With our oceans being choked with unnecessary littering, our food being poisoned with its toxins and our wildlife being endangered, it’s a little scary to think about how our planet will end up.

Why it's important to minimise waste

Since plastic was introduced in the 1950’s, 8.3 billion metric tons has been produced since. The amount of plastic produced in a year is roughly the same as the entire weight of humanity. As if that wasn’t bad enough, almost 91% of waste isn’t recycled. And what happens to un-recycled waste? It will exist for hundreds (or even thousands) of years since most plastics don’t biodegrade which ultimately means that our planet will forever be surrounded by plastic if no action is taken. All in all, if no action is taken then our plastic pollution will outweigh the fish in our oceans pound for pound by 2050. Scary, huh?

Many people don’t associate minimising waste with their overall health, but what if I told you that it could greatly impact your health and provide your body with wonderful health benefits?

With harvest just completed this is one of the best times of the year to go organic and to prepare your body by storing up and providing it with fresh wonderful organic produce. Not only is it healthy and wholesome but you’ll also be doing your part to help save the planet. Below, we’ve put together a few of our top Primal tips on how you can reduce waste to help save the Primal Planet. Remember, living a Primal lifestyle isn’t just about your health, but the health of our surrounding environment too.

How to minimise waste

  • Make soups and stews and nutritious stocks from the weeks leftovers - using the whole carcass.
  • Batch cook and meal prep - spend lazy Sunday’s cooking and planning for the week ahead - avoid waste, eat well.
  • Use the freezer! Buy in bulk from the butchers or fishmongers.
  • Opt for loose fruit and veg and ensure it’s locally sourced.
  • Take your own bags - don’t leave them in the back of the car!
  • Source fresh ingredients from local farmers market.
  • Learn a new skill - nurture your own fruit, veg and herbs.
  • Tend to chickens (if you can) - beautiful protein every day!
  • Take containers with you to the shops and markets to fill up - great for dates, nuts etc.
  • Make use of your compost.
  • Re-use jam jars to make salad dressings and lunch on the go.
  • Go car-less! Get some fresh air and walk, breathe and appreciate your surroundings.

The less obvious….

Whilst the above points may be a little obvious (but just as important) we’ve also found that the following points, when thought about, can also make a great impact when trying to minimise waste. Some of them are pretty clever, actually…

  • When ordering takeaway, make sure you ask for just the food. Think about it. How often do you receive takeaway food that’s stored in bags upon bags with endless supplies of plastic cutlery? Not only is it a waste, but it’s pretty pointless too. So next time you end up ordering takeaway food just ask for your food with no extra plastic.
  • It’s great having plastic bags stored at home so you no longer have to use shop brought one’s however, do you really need all of those plastic bags that take up an entire cupboard? No, probably not. Recycle the one’s you no longer need!
  • Take an extra bag to the supermarket with you for meat. Some supermarket sales advisors will still pop your meat in an extra plastic bag (for free) to avoid contamination. Avoid this by taking an extra bag with you.
  • Next time you go to jot something down on a piece of paper ask yourself, do I really need to? If not, type it out on your phone or better yet, store needed documents and paperwork on an online drive such as Google drive.

No time is better than now to start taking action in order to help our Primal Planet. Whilst it may not feel like it, every single effort you take, combined with the effort of others, really can make a huge different to our Primal planet.